How To Speed Read

Everyone can learn how to speed read. Speed reading is a collection of powerful techniques that enables you to read faster, without decreasing comprehension. There are various traditional offline methods you can use to start improving your speed immediately, as well as software and online tools.

Are you ready to try it out? Then let’s get started. This round-up outlines 8 great techniques to learn to speed read easily. More


Book Reviews

5 Speed Reading Books Reviewed

Speed reading techniques have been taught since the 1980’s. Through the years, different styles have been developed to help us read more in less time. Below we review 5 books to help you get started.

Software Reviews

AceReader Elite Software Review

AceReader Elite speed reading software trains slower readers to read faster. It features categorized training activities and themed reading comprehension to teach you speed reading techniques. An in-depth software review looking at features, Pros and Cons.

Review of Ultimate Typing Software

Learn how to type easily! - We review this speed typing software and look at features, interfaces, Pros and Cons.

Best Typing & Reading Software

What's The Best Reading Software?

We review five of the best speed reading software. These programs are designed to help increase reading speed and comprehension.

The 7 Speed Reading Review

Easy-to-use interface, effective speed and comprehension techniques, warm-up drills and eye exercises that shall help triple reading speed. What's behind the 2013 edition? Read the review!

What's The Best Typing Software?

Learning to type faster: We review 4 of the best typing software to show you the best tutors.