Welcome to the Free 21 Days Speed Reading Challenge. The goal of this project is to increase reading speed and comprehension. Daily exercise will be the key to achieve it.

Please feel free to join this challenge and make a commitment to yourself to stick to a time schedule of 21 days. This post will show you how it works.

This page will be your quick access point providing you with a contact form, time schedule for each week, links to free online tools and articles to read in case you just started out with speed reading. It will be updated regularly, so please check again from time to time.

Twitter hashtag to follow conversations, tweet your process and thoughts: #21dchall

Speed reading articles to get started

Free online and offline tools

Time schedules for each week

Week One

Week Two

List of most common nouns

List of pre- and suffixes






How are you doing? Please let me know!

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