This is ‘just another blog’ about speed reading. Hence, when you use the phrase speed or fast reading for a basic Google search you will find this blog amongst thousands of others giving tricks and tips about boosting reading speeds.

So why another one, and more important why this one? Simply, because I myself am a student. I teach myself fast reading techniques and I decided to build my own customised online reference where all the videos, slide shows, articles, tools and tips I have found working for me are at one single place. This one here!

One of the techniques to actually transfer new knowledge into the long term memory is to take notes, create mind maps or clip material to quickly review it again and again. This is my way of getting reading techniques into my memory. And, if videos, podcasts, text material and online tools are working for me why not for other readers too. So, hopefully it will help you too on your way to boost your own reading speeds.

To learn speed reading I found simple. There is a basic concept to pick up, some techniques or procedures to understand and the decision to break with some known or unknown habits. These steps almost instantly enhanced my reading experience. However, I also found that daily exercise, motivation and patience is the key to fully break through. Hence, I understand learning speed reading as a process in stages. Quick improvements from the scratch, but following exercises and goals over a more extended time, say a few weeks to several months.

I use this website to keep that in mind and to refresh techniques. I review and actually try these techniques before publishing them here. You will find videos and articles from various websites, but also links to useful tools to test reading speeds, practise word group reading or slide shows.

Enjoy your very own ride to speed up your reading. Any questions or personal experience, please let me now. Start to teach yourself better reading techniques.

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