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Stepware Inc. recently released AceReader Elite 2013, the latest edition of its popular AceReader speed reading software tutor.

Elite is the successor of the Deluxe edition and adds several new features such as new designs, layouts, training activities, themed reading comprehension, eBook access and a speed reading stopwatch. (see product info)

The program also offers new administration tools to teach children more efficiently as well as unlimited user accounts. AceReader Elite software is suitable for all ages and levels including adults, students and children.

AceReader Elite Price Rating Why buy?
Go to Website $79.95 ★★★★★★ Sophisticated software with easy to use interface.

Elite supports Windows 8. The AceReader Elite Mac edition has just been released.


1. Differences to AceReader Pro and Deluxe

AceReader Elite is now StepWare’s All-in-one speed reading tutor and replaces both, the Pro and Deluxe editions. Their main goal was to redesign it with more features and content, however, while keeping it very simple to use.

Elite originally backs on the $129 AceReader school edition, but now offers four additional Test Sets. This package adds another $60 of value. The most interesting part is certainly the pricing of $79 which is about 20% less than the now discontinued Deluxe edition ($99). We alreday notice this new tutor comes with the most comprehensive feature set of all versions. Visit Product website.

We keep testing Elite and update our findings in this AceReader Elite Review. You may also compare Elite to other popular programs in this speed reading software review.


2. AceReader Elite Review: Overview Features

New User Interface. Fresh, clean and easy to use. The Elite edition sports a new startup screen. This optional feature allows beginners to better navigate and understand the program’s setup.

Categorized Training Activities. There are a bunch of new exercises and activities. Simple explanations show what the training is about and why to do a specific exercise.

The re-designed drill activities focus on these speed reading exercise categories, which is one of the major enhancements compared to the Deluxe and Pro edition.

  • Minimizing Subvocalization
  • Eliminating Regression
  • Learning to read chunks of words
  • Reducing Eye Fixation Time
  • Increasing Re-Fixation Speed

Setting a goal and keeping track. AceReader Elite comes with Courses and Drills to help you reach goals, which can be specific words per minute or comprehension levels. The activities adjust according to your skill level. An info chart of average and optimal reading speeds will help you setting realistic goals.

Themed Material. To combine learning to read faster with interesting topics such as American History, Earth & Space Science, Famous People, Fun Facts, and SAT Prep, you no longer need to buy them as add-ons. They are now included in the AceReader Elite 2013 speed reading software, which is a big enhancement and difference to the AceReader Deluxe edition.

eBook Library. For practicing you may either choose above mentioned learning themes or pick one of the 50 carefully-picked e-Books. They may fit better the learning process, but via AceReader online support you may load tons of other eBooks into AceReader easily.

Advanced Administration. Manage users and assign students to classes, generate reports and graphs for monitoring you or your children’s progress. See your daily status indicator and recommended activities. Create and customize Tests, Drills, and Games. Create your own Flash Card material to and turn them into motivating games. There is also a statistics analysis tool to better assess the grade level and complexity of text material.

Unlimited users and accounts. You can use Elite speed reading software for children, students, friends and family members. Logon with your nick name to keep the settings and test scores separate for each user. AceReader Elite also ships with 3 licenses.

Speed Reading Stopwatch. This is a great feature to check your reading speed. The program will display a running clock and calculates current words per minute while running a self-paced comprehension test.


3. AceReader Elite Training Modes

After launching the Elite speed reading tutor you will see the startup screen with three different training modes: Course Mode, Menu Mode and Reading Mode.

Use Course mode to run daily exercises; Menu if you want to improve specific reading skills and Reading Mode to load material and train all skills you have already learned.

We found navigation very simple and intuitive. The different sections are briefly explained so you don’t have to worry what is what.

Course Mode
Here you will find guided training lessons consisting of leveled and themed general reading tips, reading comprehension tests, eye pacing drills and fun eye exercise/brain games.

We followed their recommendation to stick with a maximum of 6 activities per day and found it very motivating. Elite recognizes where you stopped a session which makes it easy to follow-up and also not to overuse the program.

There are a total of 234 different training lessons including thousands of unique activities. However, users only need to choose between the three training modes to get started.

Menu Mode
We enjoyed choosing from the wide variety of available speed reading tests, drills and games. One of the major improvements to former versions is that drills have been now broken apart into skill sections and to train them separately. These are:

  • Self-Paced Comprehension Tests
  • Forced Speed/Mode Comprehension Tests
  • Warm-up Drills
  • Minimizing Subvocalization
  • Eliminating Re-Reading & Regression
  • Expanding your Eye Fixation Zone
  • Reducing you Eye Fixation Time
  • Increasing your Re-Fixation Speed
  • Play Eye Training & Brain Games

The exercises are clearly explained to know what you are working on and how it will benefit you.

Reading Mode
This mode is a powerful, unique and popular part of AceReader Elite. It gives you full control over the display modes, and speed settings. You can train with provided or your own content (i.e. web pages, emails, documents, and eBooks).


4. AceReader Elite Review: The Verdict

Stepware has created a very good software for all levels and ages. Compared to Deluxe, AceReader Elite 2013 is way more feature packed and offers an improved learning experience.

On the Pro site you will get unlimited user accounts, free of charge themed material and a great deal of additional material such as 50 hand-picked eBooks and the option to load even more books.

Apart from Windows 8 support, an Elite Mac OS edition has been released as well.
See all product details.

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