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Can you be a Reading Ace with AceReader Pro?

Speed Reading Software Image Acereader ProDoes it take you longer to read than most of the people you know? Does it take you “forever” to finish a novel or that boring office document your boss gave you to read?

Reading at a slow speed can be a hindrance in daily life. It can make you less productive at work, take longer to enjoy a good book, or take more time out of your day to read an email.

There is a solution. Speed reading software trains slower readers to read faster and get through large amount of text quickly. One popular brand of reading software is AceReader, which we will review here.

Important Software Update

StepWare Inc. recently released AceReader Elite 2013 which will replace the Pro and all Deluxe Versions. The new edition offers more features than any Deluxe version and comes with a cheaper price tag. We recommend it to all AceReader customers.

AceReader Elite Price Rating Why buy?
Go to Website $79.95 ★★★★★&#9733 Read our Elite Review.


What Exactly is AceReader Pro?

AceReader is reading software that helps slow readers excel in a variety of fields. Different versions of the software are sold specifically with certain people’s needs in mind. Personal, business, education, and special uses versions of AceReader exist to give specialized help to those with specific needs.

AceReader Video Review

This video review outlines the main features, learning modes and versions.

AceReader Pro Review: Specs and Features

The number of features depend on the version that is bought. AceReader Pro, Pro Deluxe, Pro Deluxe Plus, and Pro Deluxe Network are all specialized to deliver a more helpful experience to the user.

The AceReader Pro (product info) comes with the following features, help for grade one to adult reading levels, automated and easy to use courses you can adjust yourself, graphs to monitor progress, 260 leveled comprehension tests, eye exercise games, many eye pacing drills, three different operation modes, ability to modify display, and telephone and email support. This version is perfect for personal, personal business, or special learning needs.

The AceReader Pro Deluxe edition (product info) includes spell checker and statistics that gauge level of text in the test and drill editor, the ability to edit games, drills, and tests, and multi-user logon accounts and the ability to create passwords for up to five users. This version is great for personal or business use. Note: AceReader Elite succeeds Deluxe.

The Pro Deluxe Plus version comes with all of the features the Deluxe comes with but there is no limit on the number of users the multi-user function can support. This version also comes with an intense training series that will get you to triple your reading speed. This version is excellent for education or business use.

The Pro Deluxe Network has the features of all other versions and it is capable of running on multiple computers (a network). This version of the program works well for schools or businesses with students or employees that will be working on more than one computer.

All programs come in either Windows (2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7) or Mac (OS X) versions.

Is AceReader Easy to Use?

From the beginning, the interface of the program has been set up to be simple and easy to use. All of the features are clearly explained either on the interface itself, or through a thorough help manual provided with the software.

Performing reading exercises and tests, editing tests to suit your needs, or using any of the other features that come with the software, can be easily found in the interface or a menu. Most functions can be performed with one click of the mouse.

No matter your age, you can use the AceReader software effectively. Children as young as seven and those that are as old as sixty-eight have been documented using it and showing marked improvement in their reading level.

If you are having difficulty understanding the software, even with the help provided, you can call the toll free help line and receive top quality customer service from one of the customer service representatives.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from AceReader Pro?

Acereader Pro Review - Software ScreenshotMany people that use AceReader have shown a dramatic increase in their reading speed in the first two weeks of using it. A sixty-eight year old man was able to increase his reading speed by 150% in the first week of using the program. Several students from high school and college used AceReader and have shown their reading speed doubling and tripling. Some people have had even greater results.

Is AceReader as Good as Other Speed Reading Software?

AceReader is regarded as one of the top reading software on the market. Among professionals, it is tied for first for overall rating. ‘The Reader’s Edge,” the software that it tied with, is $10 more expensive than AceReader.

AceReader provides all of the features that other speed reading software does, plus it is available on the Mac, which most are not.

Some believe that the $69.95 price is a little high. However, cheaper software, including the highly rated Speed Reader X, does not come close to providing the number of features that AceReader does. In fact, it provides more features than software packages more expensive than it.

AceReader Pro Review: Verdict

Should I Get It?

If you find that you are a slow reader, and you want to become more efficient at reading text, AceReader is an excellent investment. Whether you are a student, a business professional, or a hobby reader, you will be very hard press to find software that improves your reading speed like AceReader.

Click here to visit the AceReader Product Page for making a purchase or getting detailed information.

Have you tested and reviewed this software? Share your experience in the comment box below!

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  1. Maggy says

    I took a speed reading course a few years back and increased well in speed, but I agree that a well designed software will also help improve reading skills. Will probably get it for my kids to see if they can improve in web reading.

  2. Vic says

    I purchased Acereader last year and since then I’ve been using it regularly. It’s indeed easy to use, but rather designed for students and adults. Kids maybe bored as it doesn’t have a children focused interface, but I can be wrong here. The different learning modes are very effective, but they also add some variety during learning. I underestimated that when I started with speed reading, but now I try to make my sessions as appealing as possible. Some days I only go for easy tasks, load an interesting eBook to practice with, on other days I go serious and run a speed reading and comprehension test. After all I doubled my reading speed, but I had to set a goal to keep my motivation.

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