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Explore Compilation of Articles about Reading StrategiesWhile searching for websites about speed reading, I found a few interesting articles covering strategies to read more efficiently. Though those posts may target teachers or university students the strategies are classic fast reading techniques (skimming, scanning), so everyone can apply them easily. I have aggregated six articles in this post. One resource is a free eBook consisting of 100 pages coming as a printable PDF.

1. Reading and word-attack strategies:

When learning to read faster, looking from a teaching point of view can really make a difference. One of the most important parts of reading is understanding the material. So, what would you do to increase your students’ comprehension? This post briefly covers subjects such as visualizing and retelling a story as well as connecting knowledge to life experiences. The main subject is word-attack strategies, which means “to help students decode, pronounce, and understand unfamiliar words.” Easy to learn and apply. Read article.

2. Reading Strategies – Cross-Curricular Approaches, PDF

This is a free 100-page eBook in PDF format. It covers all common techniques from previewing, finding trigger words to responding to text. A cool bonus is posters with reminders, images or bullet lists at the end of the book. Those can be printed and pinned somewhere. Source: Ontario, Ministry of Education. Download PDF.

3. Efficient reading strategies: Monash University

This article focuses on basic techniques such as skimming and scanning, but also comes up with a bullet list of “stages in reading a text”. It’s good to get a quick overview what to do before reading. A few points also outline things how to form questions during the reading process. Read article.

4. Analysis of Reading Strategies:

This is quite an interesting site as it rather analyzes techniques than outlining all specific points. Hence, you will view reading methods from a point of teaching. MyRead is for teachers (years 4-9) and provides comprehensive information on classroom organization, monitoring students and explicit teaching. Body: Australian Government, Department of Education, Science and Training. Read article.

5. Reading strategies: University of Melbourne

A basic guide to reading at university levels. Most techniques will sound familiar to you. But, if you are studying there’s need to go beyond reading. Planning your time is important as well as assessing reading lists. The post covers all those aspects and additionally provides a PDF about note-taking strategies. Read article.

6. Effective Reading Strategies: University of New South Wales, Sydney

There’s a brief introduction on basic techniques, note-taking and critical reading. However, the article’s main focus is on remembering information and will introduce you to the “SQ3R Method of StudyReading”. SQ3R stands for Survey, Question, and Read, Recall and Review (3R). Read article.


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