FastReaders 2013 Online Course Review

In our series of elearning software reviews we also introduce popular speed reading courses. These are a popular way to learn efficient reading techniques online and under guidance. In this post we review FastReaders 2013 Online Course.

is an online speed reading course that is available as a subscription service. Subscriptions are available for 3 or 6 months at a time at three different levels of instruction: Basic, Plus, or Pro. [Read more...]

Rev It Up Reading Review – 2014 Online Courses

Online courses to learn to read faster have become a popular way to improve reading skills be it for career or private reasons. In this post we review Rev It Up Reading 2014 and show you features, pros and cons.

RevItUpReading is a 90-day online subscription speed reading course. The course is a combination of readings and exercises that train you in reading faster, increasing comprehension and having a higher retention rate of what was read. [Read more...]

Speed Reading Course 2014 | What is the Best Online Class?

A Round-up Review of Popular Online Courses to Learn to Read Faster

We review some of the best speed reading courses 2014 that are available online. What is the course that suits you most to learn to read faster?Knowing how to speed read can prove to be very beneficial for those who study or work jobs that demand reading loads of documents.

While reading can be improved by practice in general, it is generally recommended to consider a course or software to achieve faster reading speeds and improved comprehension. In our round-up we review some of the best speed reading courses 2014 that are available online. [Read more...]

Ultimate Memory 2013 Software Review

Improve and Build your Memory with 10 Ultimate Memory Games

Ultimate Memory (UM) is one of the best memory building software. It comprises of several different tools such as games for training, memory improvement tracking, video training for memory building and several others that keep the users engaged and help them improve and build a good memory.

It also contains different types of things such as study material, names, passwords, figures, facts, foreign languages, directions and other tools that will increase the user’s effectiveness to remember things.

The trick that Ultimate Memory 2013 adopts is simple: Instead of targeting memory collectively, it breaks it down into different compartments and focuses on one memory skill at one time. For example, one department targets directional memory whereas the other targets just face recognition and so on.

The approach used by the software has proven to be very effective and therefore makes it rank on top amid other memory improving software. [Read more...]

Iris Speed Reading – 2014 Online Course Review

The Iris Speed Reading program is an excellent program for those who want to increase their reading speed, improve memory and increase productivity. It is designed for both professionals and high school students, enabling them to get the best out of speed reading courses with minimum time and effort. We review them here.

The programs are categorized for beginners and advanced readers with video lessons and free self development ebooks, webinars and more.

Iris Reading claims to be “the largest and most trusted provider of speed reading training. Iris speed-reading courses have been taught to thousands of students and professionals worldwide.[Read more...]

How Typing Ergonomics Can Help You Increase Work Productivity

In today’s fast moving world, we are mostly found spending our professional lives in front of a computer typing or reading. If either of these actions are not performed with a comfortable posture, we can quickly find ourselves under strain and pain.

This strain can reduce our productivity and can cause us to work inefficiently. Learning just simple reading or typing ergonomics can help you reduce this strain and increase your productivity. You can also save yourself from pain that can occur in your body by sitting in a bad position for long period of time. [Read more...]

Product Overview: How Does 7 Speed Reading Work?

7-Speed-Reading is specifically designed to enhance the average reading speed and comprehension level of the user. A product of eReflect, this software has received rave reviews and wide publicity, in part due to the advanced technology integrated into the software. The tutor is effectively able to combine the key attributes of both teaching and learning, and thus provides a complete tutorial to its users.

The developers of 7-Speed-Reading claim that users will be able to increase their reading speed by 3.471 times after using the program. [Read more...]

Understanding Fixation for Faster Reading Speed

Anyone who wants to speed read must first understand some of the basic concepts behind speed reading. One of the most important of these is “eye fixation” – the way that eyes move and stop on words that you read. A reader is able to read faster if the eye makes a fewer number of fixations per minutes, as the ability to absorb more words is significantly higher.

Eye fixation is a physiological process that occurs naturally, and you can increase you reading speed by ensuring that fewer numbers of eye fixations are required for reading a particular sentence. Several factors impact the rate of eye fixation, including vocabulary, familiarity with the text, and vision span. [Read more...]

The Reader’s Edge 2013 Review

People of all age groups enjoy book reading. However, even the most interesting non-fiction book may spend it its life unread on the shelf due to common reading issues such as lack of reading speed, fixed eye contact and subvocalization.

There’s a handful of good speed reading software available, which may help tackling these challenges. In this post we will briefly overview a popular program named The Reader’s Edge®, developed by Richard Sutz , CEO of The Literacy Company. [Read more...]

RocketReader 2013 Review

Speed reading can give you significant career benefits if you are in a profession where most of your working hours are spent on reading piles of documents. If you feel that your reading capabilities are holding you back, then one way to get ahead is to improve your reading skills using speed reading software.

If this is the case, RocketReader 2013 may be the program you are looking for. This reading proficiency program enables users to read with speed and accuracy by eliminating the ‘bad habits’ of reading. [Read more...]