Best Speed Reading Software 2015

What is the best speed reading software 2015? We review 5 popular programs and rank the top software to learn how to increase reading speed and comprehension.Reading books or articles are one way to learn a new skill; learning with software is another one. In this post we review five of the best speed reading software. These programs are designed to help increase your reading speed and comprehension, train your eyes or eliminate subvocalization. Guided training plans will enable you to apply various learning strategies and to monitor your progress.

What is the best speed reading software 2015

7 Speed Reading AceReader Elite RocketReader Speed Reader X Reader’s Edge

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Update Software Reviews 2015/07

1. The 7-Speed-Reading Software

Image of 7-SpeedReading-CX-2016Each person is a bit different when it comes to learning styles. Hence, 7 Speed Reading (visit website) offers seven varying learning strategies to become a faster reader. It also teaches practical skills in a fun, interactive way and is very instructional, which together give the users more room to learn.

The program is now cloud based and consists of 15 software activities plus video training, step by step modules, ultra-advanced tracking to follow your progress and social sharing. One license allows to set-up 5 different user accounts and unlimited computer installs.

As it is cloud based – CX stands for cloud extended – students can now access their tutor from any PC, Mac, Chromebook or laptop. The program will automatically synchronize results or completed exercises between devices, if you prefer to learn in different places. Group learning is now enabled, a fun way to challenge friends and family but also to share test results and points with them. Bear in mind you need an internet connection to run the tutor.

A great bonus is a library of 20,477 free ebooks and the ability to paste any text from the internet and to use them for exercises as well as tests. Other features include personal goal settings, posture training or modules to eliminate sub-vocalization and regression as well as learning to read word groups.

The program also provides tools to train the user’s eye muscles, optic nerves and brain to help improve user’s reading experience. It features games that aid the user practice the skills learned during the lessons.

Verdict: All in all, this might be one of the best speed reading software 2015 on the market. It offers tried and tested methods and techniques that have been used and recommended by thousands of students. The fact that it provides lessons with easy to understand video tutorials gives it an edge compared to the competition.

7-Speed-Reading CX 2016 for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome is readily usable by all ages and suitable for friends and family as everyone can benefit from the program. Despite its user-friendliness, users might take some time to navigate and be acquainted with the tools. Price is fair considering the tools it provides to the users. Together with AceReader (see below) it is one the most comprehensive speed reading programs and offers excellent customer support.

Current price: $79.95. Click here to visit product website with more features.

2. AceReader Elite 2015

product image ace reader elite 2015AceReader Elite Software for Mac and Windows (Visit product website) bundles and expands all features and specs of the former Pro and Deluxe version.

The guys over at StepWare Inc. fully redesigned this popular program and are now offering it as an all-in one solution to learn to read faster. It’s equal to 7-Speed-Reading and most suitable for teachers, students, children and the family.

Some of their most famous clients include the US Air Force Academy or the Naval Academy and many students in k-12 schools, colleges, universities plus thousands of consumers have successfully improved their reading performance. Since its release 19 years ago, AceReader has won more than 50 awards for its educational value.

Elite comes with an unlimited user administration system and allowance to install the software on 3 computers. Users can login with their own accounts, set individual goals and have their test scores and training progress separated from other learners.

The main goal of AceReader Elite 2015 is to minimize subvocalization, eliminate regression, learning to read groups of words, to reduce eye fixation times and increase re-fixation speeds. To achieve this, this speed reading software is packed with exercises, drills, complimentary themed material and 625 eBooks with built-in option to load own ones, PDFs or word documents.

Specs – Summing up its features, there are 72 professionally designed courses, advanced tracking modes and self-monitoring, more than 234 different training lessons, 830 leveled and themed reading comprehension tests as well as hundreds of leveled Drill Text materials, game cards and a built-in speed reading clock to see current wpm.

However, the program won’t let you alone in front of your computer. All courses are automated and self-adjusting aiming to push you to the next level. There is constant monitoring of progress as well as tests to determine your current speed and comprehension.

Videos – The tutor features videos that will introduce you to accelerated reading, but also explain the different areas of the program. If you prefer teacher-style like tutorials you can upgrade to their premium package which include videos from the popular Iris Reading course.

Navigation – After all, Elite sports an easy to use interface introducing a startup screen for faster navigation. Depending on the training schedule, you can choose between Course Mode, Menu Mode or Reading Mode.

The Course Mode is the simplest way to use the program and it will walk you through an auto-adjusting training course that includes specific exercises (drills). The Menu Mode gives you more control and lets you pick from all training activities, for example, you could decide to improve on ‘word group fixations’. Last but not least, the reading mode is to practice your new skills either with provided or own material.

Verdict: AceReader Elite is one of the best speed reading software tutors available and suitable for all ages and with strong focus on student guidance and goal achievement. The tests in the new edition are now also longer, have more questions and the drill text is modified to stay interesting to all users. Very good value.

Price: $69.95. Click to visit Product Page.
Premium with Iris Videos is $119.95.

Support: Users can back on excellent, individual phone and email support. Quick start guides, manuals, FAQ’s and video tutorials will be provided.

3. The Reader’s Edge

image of reader's edgeThe primary goal of this program is achieving a better reading speed and comprehension. It’s equal to 7 Speed Reading Software providing all the necessary tools and suitable for every reading level and age.

Features focus on stopping sub-vocalization or re-reading and also help decrease eye-fixations. Exercises are also an important component. Some of these activities include recognition tests, mobility training, word group reading tests and vertical and horizontal span exercises. A bonus is oral, visual and audio reading sections.

The Reader’s Edge is created by the Literacy Company with a purpose of helping children, students and adults improve their reading skills. The company also awards different versions for home use, schools, library and other educational centers. It also offers free updates for the rest of your live, best thing for sure!

At the beginning, this program might look a bit complicated due to the many tools it offers. But, once you get started the program provides a convenient ease of use. Set your reading goals and get your detailed lesson schedule. There’s a step by step training module to let you progress immediately. It all takes 15 minutes to practice a day.

The bottom line: The Reader’s Edge is full-packed with all the features a user will need and the price is very affordable. Price at writing: $79.95.

4. RocketReader

product logo of rocketreader programRocketReader speed reading software offers an innovative reading method. It displays a collection of features and patterns which makes it appealing to younger users. You can sign up for a free trial to see if it works for you.

The software focuses on reading comprehension for the starters. For the adults, the main purpose is both to read speedily and comprehensive fully. Before you start, you will be asked to run a test. The test itself is also available at their website without the need to sign up.

There’s one cool feature when it comes to comprehension tests. Questions can be answered either by typing the answer or clicking the “guess it” option, which offers multiple choice answers. By the way, the content categories include history, literature, science, etc. You can also bring your own text files. If you want to know how such a test looks like check out this feature by testing their free 6 minute RocketReader exercise.

With the number of tests and exercises present in the software, it surely is a great buy. It has many tools the user can use to improve their reading speed or comprehension ability and expand vocabulary.

RocketReader caters to all ages with the different categories it presents.
Many find it easy to navigate and get easily familiar with the functions. However, the design is a bit too colorful and the designs divert our attention. Adults may be turned-off by it consequentially.

Price online version: $109.95.

5. Speed Reader-X

Product image Speed Reader-XSpeed Reader-X software helps the people improve their reading speed and to save their budget. Its primary target is to increase the person’s speed excluding the comprehension skills.

In the box is a variety of teaching tools amongst them is a peripheral eye exercise, which enhances the ability of the eyes and the brain. This program only contains easy reading materials for faster pick-up of skills.

It can be installed and run easily. Also, navigation presents no difficulties at all. Users will decide whether to skip a lesson or repeat them as they like to achieve optimal result.

As mentioned above, Speed Reader-X does not provide comprehension tests. They have different tools for that. This tutor only focuses on increasing the reading speed ability, but it also has the lowest price of all programs mentioned here.

By using this product, you will eradicate the bad reading habits you have and gives you the ability to process words quickly. Price: $29.95. Visit website.

6. Fastreaders Speed Reading Program

screenshot of fastreadersFastreaders makes the bold claim of being the best online software course out there, and with good reason. Whereas other online programs tend to focus upon speed and instantaneous results, those who use Fastreaders tend to be in more for the long haul, which on the surface makes it a better investment almost immediately.

The key features of this extensive online resource include:

Training – Extensive training sessions split into 30 parts that train both your reading and eye movement. There are numerous exercises that aim to improve your peripheral vision as well as your vertical reading abilities. It also focuses upon improving your lateral reading speed by doing traditional speed reading techniques and highlighting specific sentences, akin to other competitors of online software courses such as Eye-Q Advantage.

Exams – Personalized exams and progress charts also hep you to focus upon problem areas and focus upon them. Is there a specific set of words you trouble to read quickly? No matter, it will help you combat it head on! And when you have finished, you get an in-depth and highly informative progress chart to match.

Games – Eye training games and fun exercises are also part of the package. From maps that draw the route that you have to follow, improving your eye muscle memory to crosswords where words are highlighted and you have to decipher the word, you learn exactly how you choose with this course.

Library – An in-depth library of e-books, RSS Feeds and your own personal document upload also helps you to stay on track with your learning and even get up to date with the latest news whilst you are at it.

Fastreaders does suffer somewhat from the issue of a poor interface, especially when navigating menus that makes the screen cluttered with numerous overlays, but once you make your way through this is a highly extensive and incredibly informative course. Pricing: Starts from $14.95/month.

7. Best Speed Reading Software 2015: The Verdict

All five programs focus on eliminating bad reading habits such as subvocalization or regression. 7-Speed-Reading 2015/2016 (visit product website) is extremely versatile and has plenty of useful features like the training videos and games. The latest edition is also cloud enabled, allows group learning and social sharing.

AceReader Elite (visit product website) is very easy to learn with, is adult-teacher-family-friendly, direct, and very effective. Combined with the Iris Reading video feature, you have a smart full-time course to improve your reading speed. This all-in-one tutor is one of most comprehensive programs available and works incredibly well.

The Reader’s Edge or RocketReader are also suitable for students and children. SpeedReader X is the cheapest program here, but lacks the comprehension tests.

In general, we recommend AceReader and 7-Speed-Reading as they dramatically increase your speed on the level you want to achieve. They are trusted by thousands of students and have proven results.

What is the best speed reading software 2015 in your opinion?

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  1. Stephanie says

    Thanks for this list. I’m tutoring my niece because she’s a little behind in her reading skill and by ‘behind’ I mean she reads slowly. I’m going to try several of these.

    • mark ways says

      To be able to choose the best speed reading software it’s necessary to look at the main features and learning techniques. Important is also the age of the users. The Reader’s edge for example is suitable for all ages and suits younger adults or children. Ace Reader software on the other side is more suitable for adults and professionals. Cheers Mark

    • mark ways says

      I read as much as I can. That means reading books, articles, but also signs, ads in magazines or comics. Everything. It will help recognize new words or phrases much faster. Another tip is to learn common pre- and suffixes as well as the most common nouns of the language you wish to learn…

  2. ayman says

    I did not see any mention of EYE Q reading software. I wonder why it is not included in the top 5 to be evaluated

  3. says

    I have tried several reading improvement software many, paid or free products. In some way they are all able to teach you the trick. However, from your list I’d say Speed Reader X is very simple software, a bit outdated too, while 7 Speed Reading and Acereader are way more advanced. You should mention recent updates, e.g Elite update etc., and maybe provide a few alternatives to complete your list, even if not considered to be the best one.

  4. Joel Weinberger says

    I use the 7 speed reading software 3-4 times a week and am pretty happy with it. The videos are quite helpful, particularly as I’m new to the topic. My reading speed has slightly increased, but it’s more my comprehension that has improved significantly.This is very motivating :), Joel

  5. Martini says

    Hi, I am getting ready to take the GRE and then go on to grad schl for a master’s in finance and I need to get my reading and comprehension improved. English is my second language. which software would you recommend? thank you!

    • mark ways says

      Hi Martini, from my own experience I suggest to try either 7 Speed Reading or AceReader Elite. Both are easy to use and focus on speed exercises and comprehension lessons. If you are a visual learner their videos are a buying point here. 7SR comes with videos built in, AceReader Elite offers a premium package which streams videos from the Iris Speed Reading Network. Hope that helps….

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