What Is The Best Typing Software 2015?

We review 4 of the best typing software 2015 for Mac and Windows and look at features, specs, easiness of use as well as pros and cons.Touch typing skills are very useful when it comes to improving job chances, writing, brainstorming ideas or communicating with friends.

To increase typing speed a professional training course is a good idea which can be a seminar or comprehensive typing tutor. We review 4 of the best typing software to show you the best tutors.

Best Rated Typing Tutors 2015

Ultimate Typing 2015 Typing Instructor Platinum Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Ultrakey

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Price: $29.95
Video Tutorials
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Price: $29.99
Adventure Lessons
Mac, Windows
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Price: $39.95
Focus on Testing
Mac, Windows
Product Info
Price: $39.95
Adult Teaching
Mac, Windows

Update Typing Software 2015/09

All typing software reviewed in this post are suitable to learn how to type faster. They offer basic and advanced typing classes as well as repeating exercises. However, they differ in price, features or different approaches such as video tutorials or ability to upload and design own classes.

1. Ultimate Typing CX 2016

image of Ultimate Typing CX 2016 SoftwareUltimate Typing 2016 (view product website) matches all learning levels and ages. Some of the best features include video tutorials, creating own lesson, importing material, group learning, social sharing or multiple user accounts.

This typing tutor is very intuitive to use and backs on strong scientific research. It’s similar to Typing Instructor, but thanks to its expert video lessons Ultimate Typing (UT) and cloud based services and features is certainly the best typing software 2015.

UT is touch typing software for Mac, Windows, Chrome and Linux and based on 7 strategic typing techniques. This effective eLearning system is already known from eReflect’s popular 7 Speed Reading software. Apart from videos, these methods include expert-created classes, adaptive learning techniques, exercising with family, using own material for practicing, multilevel games and progress tracking.

Pros Info Cons
  • Video tutorials
  • Cloud Extented (CX) edition
  • Automatic updates for 3 years
  • Always learn with the latest technology
  • Expert lessons
  • 5 users, unlimited installs
  • Easy to use
  • Create Own Lessons
  • All levels, all ages
  • Cheap price
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Price: $29.95
Certificates: Yes
Rating: 5/5
  • Track indicators
    require familiarization
  • online access required

Ultimate Typing Software fits beginners, intermediates and professionals. You can start from scratch or run an advanced typing class to train speed and accuracy. eReflect claims that students will easily learn to type faster with just 7 minutes of training per day.

A beginners class consists of handy video snippets to first grasp the basic training idea and secondly to try your luck with one of the built-in typing exercises. It all starts with the left-hand ASDF exercise and moves on to include the right-hand JKL; one or training of top and bottom rows.

Games help to keep motivation and to learn intuitively. For advanced users, the software offers a bunch of speed typing classes, fresh ups to improve finger movements or the option to upload articles and create own classes with imported material.

Important: Even the best typing software does not replace exercising: Practicing is the key to success and to increase speed in the long run.


  • Benefit from 7 learning methods, adaptive learning technology
  • Detailed video instructions and built-in training units
  • Choose from 220 Expert-Created Lessons and Activities for all levels
  • 517 lessons and online activities
  • 16 fun typing games and activities
  • Group learning and social sharing
  • Choose goals, track progress, customize learning styles
  • Use web articles for best typing drill units
  • Library with 500 eBooks for all levels. Worth $3,400.
  • Create typing lessons, import lessons
  • Track your progress. Triple speed guarantee
  • Group learning and social sharing
  • Set up 5 user accounts. Unlimited installs on Mac, Chrome, Windows, Linux
  • Access tutor from everywhere. Cloud storage.

Modern Interface. The UI is similar to the 7 Speed Reading program having a horizontal bar for settings and performance tracks and a vertical navigation for courses and exercises. The most important typing courses include Introduction and Beginners Classes and the Advanced Course area for accuracy or speed building training.

Verdict: Due to its intuitive approach, video tutorials, features and technology Ultimate Typing CX 2016 makes it into the pool of the best typing software. It’s suitable for all wanting to increase speed in a very short time, but also ideal for advanced users who quickly need to improve in speed and accuracy. Recommended for the family thanks to its multi-user account feature.

Price at time of writing: $29.95. View product details and website.

eReflect Software offer support via an online helpdesk, phone, and email.

2. Typing Instructor Platinum 21

image of Typing Instructor Platinum 2014According to the NPD Group / Retail Tracking Service, Typing Instructor Platinum by Individual Software (view product website) has been the best-selling typing software in 2010.

Thanks to its adventure focused approach, the program is a well-established tutor for beginners, intermediates or advanced typists, and fits all Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

The Platinum version is an innovative software tutor backing on the 20 typing plans to teach children, students and adults better typing skills.

While speed exercises and accuracy lessons will benefit the more advanced typist, the focus on keyboards, numbers and symbols will suit the beginner.

Typing games are a popular way to intuitively increase speed, but also to understand the concept of the home, bottom and top row. Last but not least, a warm-up intro will guide the typist through the most important concepts of speed typing.

A very interesting and fun feature is the option to experience travel adventures. As a student you will leave the typical classroom behind and get on a thematic adventure.

This way you will intuitively learn to type be it on a trip around the world, on a photo safari or travelling through time. Typists start from the Travel Port and make their way through several time zones around the globe.

It’s all about visiting interesting places, wining game challenges, posting high game scores or collecting time stamps, visas or photos for your virtual passport.

Pros Info Typing Instructor Cons
  • Mac & Windows Support
  • Travel and adventure lessons
  • Easy to use
  • Create Own Lessons
  • All levels, all ages
  • Cheap price
Go To Website
Price: $29.95
Certificates: Yes
Rating: 5/5
  • Thin warm-up section
  • No video tutorials

Those focusing on practicing, there are also around 20 lessons, 20 tests and 30 games and more than 250 practice sessions and article exercises. Latter one can be created individually.

Similar to Ultimate Typing, the Platinum version also allows downloading extra material to be used with the Typing Instructor Software. The kicker is the option to add music to your own typing plan.

Whether you learn to type by playing games, practice with one of the many exercises or follow a self-structured plan, the software will determine and track your typing speed and constantly check your progress. See your words per minutes at any time, but also explore which of your hands are faster in typing. This way you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and see where to train with higher priority.


  • Travel adventures to learn typing playfully
  • Multi-Play, Multi-Level Games Set
  • 20+ Typing Plans
  • 100+ Professional Lessons & Tests
  • Progress Reports and Monitoring
  • Dynamic Learning Approach
  • Create individual learning plans
  • Access material on various subjects (sports, entertainment, medicine)
  • Comprehensive help and support package via phone, web and FAQ

Verdict. All in all, Typing Instructor Platinum is a comprehensive typing program for all ages and levels. On the pro side you will find an intuitive approach, a well-designed interface or motivating travel adventures offering lots of fun.

Though there are some intros, the warm-up section is a bit thin and there are no video tutorials as found in Ultimate Typing. Go for Typing Instructor Platinum if you like the travel learning concept, but can skip the video learning approach.

Apart from the Platinum edition, the Typing Instructor platform also comes as Typing Instructor Deluxe or Business. Licences are also available for schools and non-government organisation.

Benefits of professional typing software
We usually require good typing skills for office work, writing, software programming, captioning, medical transcriptions, data entry and processing, customer service or secretary duties.

We may also communicate faster in social media, increase our salary or avoid health issues such as bad posture or inflammation. The best typing software 2015 should teach/deliver/share these skills, benefits and tips.

3. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum

image of mavis beacon softwareMavis Beacon has been successfully teaching typing techniques for more than 25 years. The same-named software edition is also one best typing software tutors available and targets adults wanting an individual or personal approach to software learning.

This typing software for Mac and Windows is easy to use and offers all features and strategies to achieve improvements within two weeks time.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum 25th Anniversary Edition benefits those wanting a strict step by step guide to increase typing speed, accuracy or to improve 10-key skills.

Students start as beginners and process to the next level with 44 lessons, 430 exercises, detailed assessments and customized lessons as well as 16 multi-level arcade-style games.

Pros Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum Cons
  • Expert lessons
  • Individual Lessons
  • Assessments and Tests
  • Create Own Lessons
  • Games
  • Mac OS ready
Go To Website
Price: $39.95
Certificates: Yes
Rating: 4/5
  • no phone support
  • no video tutorials

Learners, however, need to pay attention to detail when completing lessons and exercises as the software only allows to level-up after finishing them successfully. You will simply be asked to repeat the lesson until you gain enough accuracy and speed.

The 14 Tests therefore play an important role here, but interestingly reveal a new progress every time you reach the next, higher level. Before you start, Mavis Beacon will assess your current level and customize lessons to your needs.

One important feature are customized lessons. This feature module lets you determine speed and accuracy goals for your own lessons, and offers the option to train with own word.doc material.


  • 430 lessons, exercises and tests
  • 16 Arcade-style games, multi-level gaming
  • Tracking and progress reporting
  • Import MP3 files and type to own music
  • New Certificates of Completion
  • Windows and Mac OS X ready

Platinum Exclusives!

  • Unique Custom Lesson Designer
  • Practice Sessions in English, Spanish and French
  • New multi-level arcade-style games
  • Import text as Word.doc formats
  • Choose to type from hundreds of interesting articles and stories

Mavis Beacon Platinum offers four different tracking reports to evaluate your progress: Keyboard Proficiencies, Curriculum Map, Progress Over Time and Summary. The software also supports different keyboard types such as standard, split and 10-key layouts.

Verdict. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum is best rated typing software due to its versatile features and learning approaches. The biggest benefit is its focus on gaining specific skills before levelling-up. This way students can be sure to trust their improved typing skills.

Another Pro is the creation of individual lessons. Downsides are missing video tutorials or individual customer supports via phone.

4. Ultrakey 6 Typing Software

cover image of ultrakey 6Ultrakey 6 was released in 2011 and is the latest edition from the popular Ultrakey Typing software series. Being in the business for more than 30 years, Bytes of Learning has developed its tutor to one of the best typing software solutions available.

Ultrakey suits Individuals, Families, Children, Professionals, Technologists, and can be used for Student and Adult Training.


They key difference to Ultrakey 5 is that UK 6 owners will benefit from free feature updates over the next five years. Compared to other typing programs in our review, the price might be higher, but its built-in future upgrades pays back in the long run.

Version 6 is all about graphics and fitting high-resolution screens. Over 10,000 new elements have been added, whereas photo-realistic presentations and sharpened text elements are certainly one of the highlights here.

Very helpful are colored keyboard elements showing you which fingers serve which keys. Another great feature is virtual reality demonstrations. Similar to Ultimate Typing (UT), Ultrakey also uses video tutorials to teach basic typing techniques. There are six instructional videos in total, which however is much less than UT is offering.

UK 6 also sports twelve new interface templates to meet different needs such as visual impairment and ADD.

Ultrakey 6 runs well on netbooks or smaller screen resolutions, but an interesting feature is that the software starts supporting mobile platforms and gadgets such as Tablet PCs.

Before you start to learn to type faster, you will assess your current speed and goals. You will learn the basics of typing methods and finger movements, and systematically move on to train which finger serves which key.

There are quite a few training sessions to practice your skills. Of course, Ultrakey will track your progress so you always know in which areas you actually have improved.

Verdict. UltraKey typing software is easy to use and thanks to its features one of the best typing programs available. A user-friendly interface, comprehensive exercises and demos as well as good support and future upgrades are the pros. The downsides are no options to playfully learn typing via games or to create own lessons.

It suits all Mac OS X and Windows computers. The software comes with a license for up to 3 home computers and 8 users. It’s localized for keyboard layouts in North America, the UK and Australia. For technical support, users may directly contact Bytes of Learning by phone.

5. Verdict: The Best Typing Software

All four typing instruction tutors have the ability to teach you how to type faster. They all back on expert created lessons, offer 10-key lessons and come with the guarantee to see results within weeks.

To decide which one fits best for your needs is a question of whether you prefer video tutorials, multi-user accounts, creating own lessons, playing games, phone support or strict testing.

If you prefer visual learning then Ultimate Typing Software (view product website) is certainly the best program to go for. It’s also a great tutor when it comes to individual learning with the option to create lessons, play games or download material. Ultimate Typing is our personal tip for 2015.

Typing Instructor Platinum (view product website) may not offer videos, but suits those wanting a playful and creative approach to learning. With its travel and adventure sessions, learning to type is very intuitive. The user interface is also the most stylish one of all programs we had a look on in this typing software review. Compared to Ultimate Typing it’s also available for Mac operating systems.

Mavis Beacon on the other side is suitable for those preferring personalized lessons and careful testing to evaluate their progress.

Ultrakey 6.1 offers video tutorials as well and fits adult teaching. The software ships with great graphics, features and a license for 3 computers and allows to set-up 8 user accounts. The biggest benefit is the option to update to upcoming versions and feature at no extra cost.

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