FastReaders 2013 Online Course Review

In our series of elearning software reviews we also introduce popular speed reading courses. These are a popular way to learn efficient reading techniques online and under guidance. In this post we review FastReaders 2013 Online Course.

is an online speed reading course that is available as a subscription service. Subscriptions are available for 3 or 6 months at a time at three different levels of instruction: Basic, Plus, or Pro. [Read more...]

Rev It Up Reading Review – 2014 Online Courses

Online courses to learn to read faster have become a popular way to improve reading skills be it for career or private reasons. In this post we review Rev It Up Reading 2014 and show you features, pros and cons.

RevItUpReading is a 90-day online subscription speed reading course. The course is a combination of readings and exercises that train you in reading faster, increasing comprehension and having a higher retention rate of what was read. [Read more...]

Speed Reading Course 2014 | What is the Best Online Class?

A Round-up Review of Popular Online Courses to Learn to Read Faster

We review some of the best speed reading courses 2014 that are available online. What is the course that suits you most to learn to read faster?Knowing how to speed read can prove to be very beneficial for those who study or work jobs that demand reading loads of documents.

While reading can be improved by practice in general, it is generally recommended to consider a course or software to achieve faster reading speeds and improved comprehension. In our round-up we review some of the best speed reading courses 2014 that are available online. [Read more...]

Iris Speed Reading – 2014 Online Course Review

The Iris Speed Reading program is an excellent program for those who want to increase their reading speed, improve memory and increase productivity. It is designed for both professionals and high school students, enabling them to get the best out of speed reading courses with minimum time and effort. We review them here.

The programs are categorized for beginners and advanced readers with video lessons and free self development ebooks, webinars and more.

Iris Reading claims to be “the largest and most trusted provider of speed reading training. Iris speed-reading courses have been taught to thousands of students and professionals worldwide.[Read more...]

Ultimate Typing 2014 Software Review

Touch Typing Course: Learning to type like a Pro.
Ultimate Typing Review: Learn how to type easily! - We review this popular speed typing software and explain features, interfaces, Pros and Cons. Ask us!

Ultimate Typing 2014 is the latest product by eReflect Software. It’s a comprehensive typing software teaching users how to type faster within a very short time frame and focuses on video tutorials and expert-created classes and exercises.

I have reviewed and keep testing this valuable touch typing tutor, which should make it on my list of the best typing software for 2014.

Read the Ultimate Typing Review and follow or join the discussion below. Apart from sharing some of my insights, I have also included some track progress data at the end of this post. [Read more...]

5 Books To Teach Yourself Speed Reading

Click to view 5 speed reading books to learn read fasterThe internet is quite a powerful tool to learn new skills. A set of keywords on your favorite search engine produces hundreds of pages of reading material. As you know from your own experience, it would take ages to read them all. Well, one good technique is to filter results and preselect them for reading. Another one is learning to read faster, and, with the help of books.

Speed reading techniques have been taught since the 1980’s. Through the years, different styles have been developed supposedly to help us read and understand more in less time. Below we review five speed reading books to help you get started. [Read more...]

21 Days Speed Reading Challenge, Part 2

Practice speed reading exercises over 21 days, Read Part 2!Welcome to part 2 of the free 21 Days Speed Reading Challenge. While module 1 was all about exercising basic speed reading techniques, module 2 will add a few advanced techniques to strengthen your skills. Jump on board and increase your reading speed! It’s free and fun.

[Read more...]

Free 21 Days Speed Reading Challenge, Part I

Take the challenge and practice speed reading exercises over 21 days, it's easy!Today’s post introduces part one of the free 21 Days Speed Reading Challenge. The challenge is suitable for both beginners and experienced readers. It will focus on practicing speed reading techniques, and daily.

The big goal: increased reading speeds and comprehension as well as a more intuitive way in using those techniques. [Read more...]

Free Speed Reading Video Course, Vol. 1-5

This is a free speed reading video course consisting of five videos. Pick up the basic techniques during video one, but be prepared to have pen and paper ready for taking part in exercises. You will test your reading speed and comprehension as well as doing exercises teaching your brain to process information faster and achieve higher speeds.

Note: All speed reading courses will teach different ways to achieve speed and increase comprehension. Visit our video page to access more videos about the topic. Otherwise, feel free to read our articles about speed reading techniques to improve your skills.

[Read more...]