Understanding Fixation for Faster Reading Speed

Anyone who wants to speed read must first understand some of the basic concepts behind speed reading. One of the most important of these is “eye fixation” – the way that eyes move and stop on words that you read. A reader is able to read faster if the eye makes a fewer number of fixations per minutes, as the ability to absorb more words is significantly higher.

Eye fixation is a physiological process that occurs naturally, and you can increase you reading speed by ensuring that fewer numbers of eye fixations are required for reading a particular sentence. Several factors impact the rate of eye fixation, including vocabulary, familiarity with the text, and vision span. [Read more...]

Key Ideas Of Speed Reading, Notes From A Short Class

key concepts Speed reading - notes from a short classI’ve recently found this printable e-document via Google+ search and like to share it with you. The title is “Notes on speed reading and comprehension short class”, Fall 2011 Sonoma State University.

It’s basically a list of key ideas to help learn and improve reading techniques. What I like is the clear structure of the notes, which covers basic techniques plus some other information on how to apply these methods.

Please share this post to spread the notes for other people interested in speed reading! [Read more...]

19 Instant Speed Reading Tips

A printable guide with 19 instant speed reading tipsThis compact list of free speed reading tips is easy to apply in daily life. It also comes in a printable pocket style. You may print and laminate your list (white/black) to have it on hand whenever you like. Review these easy tips daily to constantly increase your reading speed and comprehension. [Read more...]

Does speed reading really work?

Does Speed Reading Work: Click to read the articleA few years ago, when I heard about speed reading for the first time, I dipped straight into photo reading. This reading style promises a reader to be able to read 25,000 words a minute by snapping a photo with its subconscious mind. Wow, that sounded really inspiring. I instantly jumped on, read a book about it and applied the techniques. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as I wanted.  So, does speed reading really work at all? Could I’ve done better? [Read more...]

Are bad reading habits really bad?

I recently read a novel by Haruki Murakami and got totally lost in the story. I didn’t care about the time I spent reading nor did I wanted to know how many words I read per minute. I often read a sentence twice or was adding imaginary details to what had happened in the story; my mind was constantly wandering around. Does this sound like bad reading habits? Not to me, I pretty much enjoyed this style of reading. [Read more...]

Introduction to Speed Reading

Steps to improve reading speedsSpeed reading or to read faster is easy to learn and gives a very pleasant experience. But, how to get started? What is the most important concept to understand? Which tools and techniques are useful? As I’m teaching myself speed reading I felt the need to write a basic introduction for myself to better understand its concepts and to review it whenever I want to. I did not create new knowledge. Everything is already on the web or written in books. But, I have mashed up useful sources to create an intro that suits my needs and it will hopefully get you started too. Read full speed reading introduction. [Read more...]

6 Speed Reading Articles From The Blogosphere

Introduction articles to speed reading from various web sourcesI have bookmarked quite a few articles about speed reading in Firefox, but have found it to be difficult to remember what each link was about it. In this post I therefore have compiled a list of articles from mindtools.com focusing on the concept of speed reading. There’s a short lead followed by the link. There will be more article suggestions like this covering various topics such as reading comprehension or beating bad reading habits. MindTools hosts many articles on how to learn new skills such as speed reading suitable for work and daily life. [Read more...]

These Videos Explain Speed Reading

These videos provide an easy introduction to the idea of speed reading. After picturing what speed reading is about, it will all come down to practising certain techniques to train the eyes and brain grabbing groups of words or even paragraphs all at once.

[Read more...]