19 Instant Speed Reading Tips

A printable guide with 19 instant speed reading tips

This compact list of free speed reading tips is easy to apply in daily life. It also comes in a printable pocket style. You may print and laminate your list (white/black) to have it on hand whenever you like. Apply these easy tips daily to constantly increase your reading speed … [Read more...]

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Does speed reading really work?

Does Speed Rreading Work: Click to read the article

A few years ago, when I heard about speed reading for the first time, I dipped straight into photo reading. This reading style promises a reader to be able to read 25,000 words a minute by snapping a photo with its subconscious mind. Wow, that sounded really inspiring. I … [Read more...]

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Are bad reading habits really bad?

Bad Reading Habits | Speed Reading

I recently read a novel by Haruki Murakami and got totally lost in the story. I didn't care about the time I spent reading nor did I wanted to know how many words I read per minute. I often read a sentence twice or was adding imaginary details to what had happened in the story; … [Read more...]

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