Ultimate Memory 2013 Software Review

Improve and Build your Memory with 10 Ultimate Memory Games

Ultimate Memory (UM) is one of the best memory building software. It comprises of several different tools such as games for training, memory improvement tracking, video training for memory building and several others that keep the users engaged and help them improve and build a good memory.

It also contains different types of things such as study material, names, passwords, figures, facts, foreign languages, directions and other tools that will increase the user’s effectiveness to remember things.

The trick that Ultimate Memory 2013 adopts is simple: Instead of targeting memory collectively, it breaks it down into different compartments and focuses on one memory skill at one time. For example, one department targets directional memory whereas the other targets just face recognition and so on.

The approach used by the software has proven to be very effective and therefore makes it rank on top amid other memory improving software. [Read more...]

The Reader’s Edge 2013 Review

People of all age groups enjoy book reading. However, even the most interesting non-fiction book may spend it its life unread on the shelf due to common reading issues such as lack of reading speed, fixed eye contact and subvocalization.

There’s a handful of good speed reading software available, which may help tackling these challenges. In this post we will briefly overview a popular program named The Reader’s Edge®, developed by Richard Sutz , CEO of The Literacy Company. [Read more...]

RocketReader 2013 Review

Speed reading can give you significant career benefits if you are in a profession where most of your working hours are spent on reading piles of documents. If you feel that your reading capabilities are holding you back, then one way to get ahead is to improve your reading skills using speed reading software.

If this is the case, RocketReader 2013 may be the program you are looking for. This reading proficiency program enables users to read with speed and accuracy by eliminating the ‘bad habits’ of reading. [Read more...]

Typing Instructor Platinum 21

A Touch Typing Tutor that lets you Travel while Learning to Type Faster

Typing Instructor Platinum 21 is a Touch Typing Tutor that lets you Travel while Learning to Type Faster. Read our review to learn about features, pros and cons.Typing Instructor Platinum 21, an award-winning touch typing tutor, is a complete typing program focusing on the aspects of entertainment, motivation and education. It compliments each field well, and provides a quick way to improve your typing skills.


About Typing Instructor

Latest technology comes into play to provide an entertaining, motivational and educational experience for anyone out there, may it be a beginner, an intermediate or even an advanced typist. This tutor sports creative learning themes, fast arcade styled games and various educational learning plans. Another plus of Platinum 21 is that it offers learning experience in two languages, English and Spanish. [Read more...]

7 Speed Reading Software Review

Learn to triple reading speed with 7 Speed Reading 2014 software

Learn to triple reading speed with 7-Speed-Reading 2014 software. We review one of the most popular programs to improve reading and comprehension. Features, Pros and Cons.The 7 Speed Reading software by eReflect can be seen as one of the most popular reading improvement programs on the market. It is one of the few programs offering video tutorials to quickly understand and practice proven speed reading techniques.

Looking at the program’s core strengths we can highlight an easy-to-use interface, effective speed and comprehension exercises, warm-up drills and eye exercises that shall help triple your reading performance.

We have tested the software and explain the most important exercises, features, pros and cons in our 7 Speed Reading Review. [Read more...]

AceReader Elite Review

Personal Speed Reading Tutor to Read Faster

Stepware Inc. recently released AceReader Elite 2013, the latest edition of its popular AceReader speed reading software tutor.

Elite is the successor of the Deluxe edition and adds several new features such as new designs, layouts, training activities, themed reading comprehension, eBook access and a speed reading stopwatch. (see product info)

The program also offers new administration tools to teach children more efficiently as well as unlimited user accounts. AceReader Elite software is suitable for all ages and levels including adults, students and children. [Read more...]

What Is The Best Typing Software 2014?

We review 4 of the best typing software 2014 for Mac and Windows and look at features, specs, easiness of use as well as pros and cons.Touch typing skills are very useful when it comes to improving job chances, writing, brainstorming ideas or communicating with friends.

To increase typing speed a professional training course is a good idea which can be a seminar or comprehensive typing tutor. We review 4 of the best typing software to show you the best tutors. [Read more...]

Ultimate Typing 2014 Software Review

Touch Typing Course: Learning to type like a Pro.
Ultimate Typing Review: Learn how to type easily! - We review this popular speed typing software and explain features, interfaces, Pros and Cons. Ask us!

Ultimate Typing 2014 is the latest product by eReflect Software. It’s a comprehensive typing software teaching users how to type faster within a very short time frame and focuses on video tutorials and expert-created classes and exercises.

I have reviewed and keep testing this valuable touch typing tutor, which should make it on my list of the best typing software for 2014.

Read the Ultimate Typing Review and follow or join the discussion below. Apart from sharing some of my insights, I have also included some track progress data at the end of this post. [Read more...]

What Is The Best Speed Reading Software?

We review 5 of the best speed reading software available and show you the best program to learn how to increase reading speed and comprehension.Reading books or articles are one way to learn a new skill; learning with software is another one. In this post we review five of the best speed reading software. These programs are designed to help increase your reading speed and comprehension, train your eyes or eliminate subvocalization. Guided training plans will enable you to apply various learning strategies and to monitor your progress. [Read more...]

Practice Speed Reading With iRead Fast

screenshot iread fastWhile I prefer to exercise reading methods using printed material, there are also a bunch of software and programs to practice online; either paid or free ones. Two days ago I stumbled upon free iRead Fast, which isn’t new at all (2007), but it allows to speed read any electronic text on your Mac and works offline too. A quick mini guide to iRead Fast. [Read more...]