A Guide To Fast Reading Techniques


Last week I composed a hand-out about fast reading techniques for a friend who wanted to increase his reading speed and skills. I included a few tips and tricks, but when handing it over I thought it would be good to have something similar on our blog as well. My goal was to … [Read more...]

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How To Read Word Groups


Besides basic speed reading techniques such as hand pacing and previewing, reading word groups probably offers most benefits for readers. The method skips single word reading in favor of processing bigger chunks of words. This guide helps to learn the technique and will show how … [Read more...]

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3 Fast Previewing Strategies


Previewing material is one of the three basic speed reading techniques and allows picking the main idea and important information before digging into details. Previewing strategies are suitable for any material, but are rather used for non-fiction content than fiction books. The … [Read more...]

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Hand Pacing in 5 Steps


I started using fast reading techniques by learning and applying the hand pacing method, hence, using a pointer to move along the lines to control my focus. This technique is easy to learn and a real motivation booster to keep you going. There are only a few things to consider … [Read more...]

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