Understanding Fixation for Faster Reading Speed

Anyone who wants to speed read must first understand some of the basic concepts behind speed reading. One of the most important of these is “eye fixation” – the way that eyes move and stop on words that you read. A reader is able to read faster if the eye makes a fewer number of fixations per minutes, as the ability to absorb more words is significantly higher.

Eye fixation is a physiological process that occurs naturally, and you can increase you reading speed by ensuring that fewer numbers of eye fixations are required for reading a particular sentence. Several factors impact the rate of eye fixation, including vocabulary, familiarity with the text, and vision span. [Read more...]

Speed Reading Tips 101

Speed Reading Tips 101 | Become a Faster ReaderWelcome to our Speed Reading Tips 101. If you want to learn how to read faster this is the right place. We share free techniques, material resources and offer free courses to help you become an advanced reader.

Our brief tips consist of basic methods, solutions to common reading problems as well as reading tricks for kids, sleeping tips and software recommendations. If you want to read more about a specific topic please use our menu for navigation. [Read more...]

How To Sleep Better To Improve Speed Reading

Tips and Tricks to sleep better and improve reading speed and comprehension

Sleep is vital. We all know that. We also heard about those popular phrases “Sleep is for the weak” or “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” We smile about them, but forget about them when we are tired and become nervous, annoyed or sloppy fellows.

But, what does it have to do with speed reading? Quite a lot as a good night’s sleep will improve your ability to focus and comprehend better. To know how to sleep better is a safe bet to tackle bad reading habits such as regression, low concentration or uncoordinated fixations.

Skim 20 powerful tips after the break or visit one of the web resources to dig into the topic a bit deeper. [Read more...]

Compilation Of Free Speed Reading Tools

Click to read post about free speed reading tools onlineThere are many speed reading tools that come for free. If I think of my hands, fingers, brain or eyes then I already have the most important reading tools on hand to fine-tune my reading strategies.

Additionally, there’s a bunch of web based tools available. Some of them are very useful; others will just strain my eyes. This post overviews the most known and popular tools. [Read more...]

Quick Reading Techniques for eBook Readers

What is your favorite medium to learn fast reading techniques? I prefer printed material over electronic resources. However, it’s a different thing when it comes to applying these techniques in the wild. We read news online, learn new skills using the internet or dip into a thrilling novel that comes as an eBook. Compared to paperback the difference can be both sensual and technical. But, how can we adjust these methods to efficiently use them on electronic devices? Share your tips after the break. [Read more...]

Does A Speed Reading Test Make Sense?

Does a speed reading test makes sense?One activity most speed reading courses will ask you to do is to test your current reading speed. Doing those tests can be a hassle; at least I didn’t like them. After running the test, I knew I was an average reader with average comprehension and average bad reading habits. Since then I haven’t done a second test, but I don’t mind at all. Trust in my reading skills is more important than words per minute. So, is a speed reading test worth its time? [Read more...]

Compilation of six speed reading articles, eBooks

Explore Compilation of Articles about Reading StrategiesWhile searching for websites about speed reading, I found a few interesting articles covering strategies to read more efficiently. Though those posts may target teachers or university students the strategies are classic fast reading techniques (skimming, scanning), so everyone can apply them easily. I have aggregated six articles in this post. One resource is a free eBook consisting of 100 pages coming as a printable PDF. [Read more...]

The Benefits of Speed Reading

Benefits of speed reading and 20 Reasons to learn itWhy the heck should I learn to speed read? I’m happy the way everything is. Is it spam? These are only a few responses I occasionally receive from people when I talk about speed reading. That’s alright. However, I assume most people know that lovely experience to fly through an exciting novel and instantly grasp what is written. Here we go! The ideal state of speed reading is similar. Its techniques aim to systematically improve your comprehension while pushing the pedal to the medal. A list of benefits. [Read more...]

How To Relax Your Eye Muscles

How to relax your eyes before reading?Most readers are probably used to do one focus stop for each word while reading. We jump from word to word in order to get their meaning. This habit means a lot of work for the eye muscles, and as those muscles are not very strong eyes can quickly get tired from reading. A few tips to relax, train and warm up your eye muscles. Includes a video with instructions. [Read more...]

19 Instant Speed Reading Tips

A printable guide with 19 instant speed reading tipsThis compact list of free speed reading tips is easy to apply in daily life. It also comes in a printable pocket style. You may print and laminate your list (white/black) to have it on hand whenever you like. Review these easy tips daily to constantly increase your reading speed and comprehension. [Read more...]