How To Relax Your Eye Muscles

How to relax your eyes before reading?Most readers are probably used to do one focus stop for each word while reading. We jump from word to word in order to get their meaning. This habit means a lot of work for the eye muscles, and as those muscles are not very strong eyes can quickly get tired from reading. A few tips to relax, train and warm up your eye muscles. Includes a video with instructions.

One way not to overstrain your eyes is to learn reading phrases of words, which would reduce the number of needed focus stops per line. Another one would be to avoid skipping back in text as this reading habit counts for unneeded focus stops and does not increase comprehension in the long run.

However, there are also a few tricks to warm up your eyes for any reading task ahead. Those exercises are suitable to relax your eye muscles as soon as you feel they have become tired and need a break.

How does it work?

1. Sit straight or lay down.
2. Roll your eyes to the left and then back to the centre.
3. Roll your eyes to the right and come back to the centre.
4. Roll your eyes to the top and return to the centre.
5. Roll your eyes to the bottom and come back to the centre.
6. Repeat this exercise two or three times.

The video below will explain this exercise to you in more detail, and as recommended to warm up your eye muscles before speed reading.

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    Great tip to relax your eyes. I’m already practicing similar exercises applying the Dr. Bates method to improve my eyesight and train the eyes muscles. Click on my name to learn more about that at the Wikipedia.

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