Introduction to Speed Reading

Steps to improve reading speedsSpeed reading or to read faster is easy to learn and gives a very pleasant experience. But, how to get started? What is the most important concept to understand? Which tools and techniques are useful? As I’m teaching myself speed reading I felt the need to write a basic introduction for myself to better understand its concepts and to review it whenever I want to. I did not create new knowledge. Everything is already on the web or written in books. But, I have mashed up useful sources to create an intro that suits my needs and it will hopefully get you started too. Read full speed reading introduction.

Speed reading is like learning any other new skill. You know why it makes sense to have it, but to get confident in it training is needed. That’s the whole secret with speed reading too. Training. However, the main concept is easy to grasp and by understanding the basic idea behind it you will already increase your reading speeds.

  • You will preview material before reading to know what the topic is.
  • You will get used to apply your finger as a guide on the text to speed up, to avoid jumping back in text and to save your eyes from tiring too quickly as they will focus more efficiently.
  • These simple techniques already will speed you up from one minute to another.
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