What is the best online speed reading course

A round-up review of the best online courses to learn to read faster

What is the best speed reading course 2015? We review 5 popular online classes that could suit you most to learn to read faster.Knowing how to speed read can prove to be very beneficial for those who study or work jobs that demand reading loads of documents.

While reading can be improved by practice in general, it is generally recommended to consider a course or software to achieve faster reading speeds and improved comprehension. In our round-up we review some of the best speed reading courses 2015 that are available online.

What is the best online speed reading course 2015?

Iris Speed Reading Rev It Up Reading RocketReader Speed Reader X FastReaders

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1. Iris Speed Reading Course Online

Iris Reading is a trusted provider of speed reading courses.Iris Reading is a trusted provider of speed reading courses. The classes provided by Iris Reading, as well as their speed reading software, are ideal for those who plan on improving their reading speed and comprehension. Everyone knows how extremely frustrating it is to read a material, and go back over some of its lines just to grasp the actual meaning. Iris Reading targets both students and professionals who wish to enhance their poor reading speed and comprehension. These are the modules:

Speed Reading Foundation Course
The main purpose of this online course (view course website) is to improve your reading speed, thereby increasing the number of pages read in a material even in a short period. It also provides information about the fundamental strategies in strengthening your comprehension skill. This skill is essential in remembering most of the contents of your reading material. It can work suitably for life-long learners, students and professionals. The module offers a free e-book composed of 121 pages, which aims to improve your concentration. Subscribers will also get a unique report that tackles strategies on improving your memory and a 3-hour class video. This is the best speed reading course for beginners.

Comprehension Course
The major goal of this online module (view course website) is to help in boosting the comprehension skills of participants. It aims to optimize the level of your comprehension, by providing information about the different reading strategies and tricks that can help in maximizing a person’s capacity to understand the materials that he is reading completely. The online tutorial intends to help participants whether they intend to use their acquired comprehension skills for a casual read or to read and comprehend a textbook or a technical content. Best option for comprehension.

Speed Reading Mastery Course
This is an advanced online class that tackles the proven techniques in boosting a person’s reading speed. It aims to teach participants of the course on the basics of getting high reading speed. Since this is an advanced course, participants can also expect to receive information on the tips and tricks of reading and comprehending materials with technical contents. This is perfect for those who have basic fast reading skills and wish to take these skills into an even more advanced level. Enrolling in the Mastery Course allows participants to receive ten lessons conducted on video, and three bonus webinars offered for free. This is a popular speed reading class for more advanced students.

Courses Designed for Digital Readers
This targets people who do most of their reading activities using their computer. One fact about digital reading is that an average person doing it reads approximately 25 percent slower than when reading normally. The module can provide information about how the participants can increase their reading speed when reading materials on certain devices including PC, laptop, iPad or mobile phone, without sacrificing their ability to comprehend the actual contents.

For detailed information read our review of the Iris Reading program.


2. RocketReader Online

Rocket Reader is a very popular speed reading course and web based application that allows individuals to read with accuracy and speed while fully eradicating the mistakes of reading. The tutorial will teach a technique known as ‘word group training’ that makes users read in blocks instead of reading text word by word. Rocket Reader gives users a lot of autonomy and control as they can adjust the speed as well as reading level in accordance to their reading skills.

The web based application incorporates pre-built exercises and texts, each of which lasts for about 15-20 minutes. The exercises have to be gone through on daily basis to eliminate the three common mistakes of reading including sub vocalization, skip back and gulping down words.

RocketReader Online Course Features

Import Text
Rocket Reader permits users to import their choice of documents (even articles) from their computer and practice them on its web application.
Focuses On Vocabulary
Rocket Reader prompts users to improve their vocabulary by making them go through comprehensions. Most of the other reading software doesn’t have this feature. Rocket Reader not only focuses on speed reading but also improving the user’s vocabulary.
Categorized Text
All of the text that Rocket Reader comes with is categorized in different categories such as science, fiction, history and so on. It does not contain pre-loaded eBooks as most reading software do.

Aside from the aforementioned features of Rocket Reader, there are other noteworthy features in this reading course as well. These include:

  • Recording of test score
  • Speed reading exercises and routines
  • Progress tracking
  • Comprehension tests
  • Customized text
  • Password protection
  • Ability to create several different accounts
  • Allows users to import self created documents and content from websites
  • Reading material is adjusted according to user’s reading skills
  • Timed tests to increase efficiency

Pros And Cons

  • Pros
  • 10 days free trial
  • Great for slow systems as it consumes less memory and CPU
  • Easy to use
  • Recommended for all kinds of users
  • Allows users to import all kinds of documents from the internet


  • Simple UI
  • Slightly expensive when compared to software
  • No customer support available on phone
  • No multi language text available
  • Lacks pre-built eBooks
  • No eye training exercises
  • Rocket Reader Round Up

Rocket Reader is one of the best speed reading courses 2015. The software is expensive but it guarantees effectiveness and prompt results. Some of the features of its web based application such as ability to load documents from the internet or saved user files, multiple user accounts and easy customization make it stand out from its competition. Rocket Reader is a must recommend for all those who are serious about improving their reading and comprehension skills.


3. Other Online Speed Reading Software

What are the Offered Online Software and Apps?

1. SummarizeThis. This software offers help in summarizing information for those who do not have enough time to read long materials. It makes use of a unique algorithm that provide users with the most relevant information about the material that they wish to read. It also acts as an efficient knowledge management tool designed to help users in boosting their productivity.

2. AccelaReader. This free online tool is highly customizable and can help raise your reading speed by up to fifty percent, provided you use it the right way. It helps in improving your reading speed by showing words into the screen and allowing you to read based on your specified speed. It also features adjustable settings such as text and chunk size and words per minute.

3. AceReader Online. It refers to a reading improvement program based on the web which utilizes a research-based and patented technology. It can enhance your reading and comprehension skills through its more than one hundred tests, drills, games and exercises. It also comes with graphs and analytic designed to monitor your progress. View product page for more information or read our review on Elite.


4. 2015 Online Speed Reading Course Review: The Verdict

Enrolling in Iris speed reading classes (view website) is a good way to learn how to read fast, without losing your ability to comprehend. RocketReader is also a well designed program, though it lacks a few features such as ebook support or ey-training modules. Both can be seen as the best online speed reading course applications available.

However, the benefits that you will get from the classes will be dependent upon how you respond to the approach used in training. It is still important to determine if enrolling in an online training course works better for you than attending an actual speed reading class.

Reading improvement software designed to provide an aid in making great improvements in your reading speed and comprehension are also accessible. (Compare the best software programs here). Iris reading for example teamed up with AceReader to offer a program that involves software plus online streamed videos. For some this might be a better choice.

Do you plan to attend a course? Feel free to ask questions in our comment box below.

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