Free Speed Reading Video Course, Vol. 1-5

This is a free speed reading video course consisting of five videos. Pick up the basic techniques during video one, but be prepared to have pen and paper ready for taking part in exercises. You will test your reading speed and comprehension as well as doing exercises teaching your brain to process information faster and achieve higher speeds.

Note: All speed reading courses will teach different ways to achieve speed and increase comprehension. Visit our video page to access more videos about the topic. Otherwise, feel free to read our articles about speed reading techniques to improve your skills.


Video 2


Video 3


Video 4


Video 5

Tip: Read our Iris Reading Review for available online courses.

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  1. Edwaud Samuel Te Kano says

    Thanks Mark, Yes as you can see, I’m not that very educated. But I’m learning a lot of stuff and my reading has improved and that makes me read more stuff, hehehee. Wow!!! I will continue looking on google and continue reading everything you have to offer and maybe one day when I can afford to buy some of your products, I defininately will. Thankyou very much and I’m gonna keep going for now. Most Appriciated…

    • mark ways says

      Thanks Edwaud for your feedback. I hope the videos are helpful. Btw, you don’t have to buy a product to increase your reading speed. The basic techniques are all free and practicing is the key to success here. The main page lists all important techniques. Best Mark

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