Ultimate Typing Review 2015

Cloud based touch typing course: Learn to type like a pro.
Learn how to type easily! - We review Ultimate Typing 2015 and explain features, interfaces, Pros and Cons of this popular touch typing program. Ask us!
Ultimate Typing 2015 is the latest product by eReflect Software. It’s a comprehensive typing software teaching users how to type faster within a very short time frame and focuses on video tutorials and expert-created classes and exercises.

I have reviewed and keep testing this valuable touch typing tutor, which should make it on my list of the best typing software for 2015.

Read our Ultimate Typing Review and follow or join the discussion below. Apart from sharing some of my insights, I have also included some track progress data at the end of this post.

Summarizing my experiences, this typing software matches or exceeds the quality and features of programs such as Typing Instructor, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing or Ultrakey. I like that Ultimate Typing (UT) is suitable for all levels and ages, and offers the option to create own lessons and import text material.

1. Ultimate Typing Review: Pro and Cons

When asked to give a rating based on features and interface I’d say 9 out of 10, which would be similar to Typing Instructor and other products on the market.

    Pros Try Ultimate Typing     Cons
  • Video tutorials
  • Expert lessons
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Easy Learning
  • Create Own Lessons
  • All levels, all ages from 6+
  • All platforms, cloud based
  • Cheap price
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Price: $29.95
Certificates: Yes
Rating: 9/10
  • no Welcome Screen
  • Track indicators without units
  • Online access only
  • Limited language keyboards

Tip: I quickly realized that practicing is the key to success! UT is easy-going here by offering handy video tutorials combined with exercises or pure skill building courses in form of well-thought typing exercises or funny games. However, try practicing at least 10 minutes each day to actually be able to increase your typing speed sustainably.

Why to buy a typing software

  • Increase job chances
  • Improve career options and salary
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Save time, communicate faster in social media
  • Avoid health issues such as bad posture, painful RSI or inflammation

2. Ultimate Typing 2015: Features

UT is a touch typing program for Windows backing on 7 individual typing techniques, which structurally corresponds to eReflect’s extremely popular 7 Speed Reading software. These include video guided lessons, expert-created lessons, adaptive learning methods, practicing with friends, using articles for typing exercises, using games and tracking your progress.

Their program fits beginners, intermediates and professionals
be it starting from scratch or running an advanced typing course. The core goals are of course to learn how to type faster, but also to improve in accuracy and finger efficiency. These courses are organized in an easy and fun way. Video tutorials, games and plain typing exercises build the base frame.

One thing I liked from scratch is the option to set up multiple user accounts at no extra costs making it easy for friends and family to learn typing faster as well, define their own learning speed and keep their track progress saved separately. I found this to be a unique feature to UT.

UT features

  • 7 typing and learning techniques
  • Adaptive learning technology
  • Free and unlimited user accounts
  • Cloud based learning. Access from everywhere.
  • Social Sharing on Facebook
  • Video instructions and built-in training units
  • 220 Expert-Created Lessons, Drills, and Activities for all levels
  • 600 additional practice activities
  • Individual goal setting, tracking of progress, customizing of learning styles
  • Library with 600 eBooks for all levels
  • Create typing lessons, import and manage lessons
  • 16 typing games and activities
  • Windows 8 support

3. How does it work

After activating you will be asked to set up one or multiple user accounts. The first thing to decide is your typing goal. I used the default setting of 30 words per minutes at 90% accuracy.

However, the tab “Track Progress” allows you to easily adjust your goals or check your progress when you like. After playing around and doing some of the exercises I got an average of 36 words per minute. That’s the average of 30-40wpm, but worlds apart from the 80wpm+ skilled users achieve.

Tip: eReflects promises to type faster when using Ultimate Typing for 7 minutes a day over a period of 2 weeks. For those already typing reasonably fast UT offers speed and accuracy lessons to further advance their skills.

Interface. The UI is similar to the 7 Speed Reading program sporting a horizontal bar for settings and performance tracks and a vertical navigation for courses and exercises. You may be confused to find an empty blue background after starting the program, and I somehow missed a ‘What Do You Want to Do Today’ box for beginners. However, just click Getting Started and watch the videos on Why Touch Type, Setting a Goal or Getting to Know Your Keyboard. Otherwise, skip the beginners section and jump right into the Advanced Course area offering accuracy or speed building units.

By the way, if you do not exactly know what touch typing actually is: This technique refers to teaching your fingers and muscles to press keys accurately and effectively, but keeping your eyes on the screen. This will help to type faster, but also to keep up a healthy posture or avoid tensions.

4. Ultimate Typing Courses


  • Getting Started
  • Beginner Typing Course
  • Accuracy Typing Course
  • Speed Building Course
  • Advanced Typing Course
  • Numeric Keypad Course
  • Ergonomics
  • Dictation Practice
  • Fast Typing Tonics

Build Typing Skills

  • Free Study and Practicing
  • Typing Games
  • Keyboarding Practice
  • Speed Typing Exercises

Videos build the educational base to best teach you how to type faster. They are packed with information about your keyboard layout, how to sit correctly or explaining finger movements. I recommend watching all videos from the Getting Started section, even if they seem to be a bit long-lasting without offering any interaction. Grab a coffee, sit back, watch and relax!

The Beginners Course is actually where you can start building your skills. Each section includes video snippets about understanding the concept of typing strategies and ergonomics and is combined with interactive typing exercises.

It all starts with the classic left-hand ASDF exercise, and moves on to include the right-hand JKL; technique as well as top and bottom row or numbers and symbols. The core aim of these exercises is to train your fingers to only serve certain letters and move in certain directions. The Home Row, which is the middle letter row of your keyboard, is your home base. Similar to playing tennis, you move back to a central position and coordinate your moves from there. Hence, you index fingers don’t serve all letters, but only specific ones.

The Speed Building Course focuses on training finger movements either in form of typing letter/number combinations or paragraphs as well as longer texts. A nice feature is a graphical speedometer showing your current words per minutes. The accuracy units are designed to help typing without errors and can be combined with own or imported material and lessons.

Note: Be aware when you have a keyboard other than English. Right now the software supports English US QWERTY, UK, Canada as well as the Spanish and Brazilian keyboard layouts. European QWERTZ for example is not supported yet. Depending on the level of variation some speed and accuracy exercises may be harder to practice.

The Skill Building Units are suitable to run any exercises again, think of the ASDF exercise, or start a typing game to increase speed or accuracy playfully. There’s a big library of 600 eBooks to use for practicing. Alternatively, you can import material to practice with your own texts.

Track Progress

While attending a course, the software already monitors your progress and gives you feedback after each section completed. The tab Track Progress offers all performance indicators to visualize your learning curves. It’s kind of downside that some indicators are not clearly understandable at the first glance. The axis of coordinates should name what the indicator is about here. Am I dealing with words per minute or time, etc.?

5. Ultimate Typing Review: Verdict

According to its features and technology it is definitely one of the best typing programs available. It is easy to understand and practice with and offers everything you need to increase your typing speed in a short time. Perfect for starters who prefer video tutorials combined with built-in exercises. Ideal for advanced users who want to create individual lessons or quickly improve in speed and accuracy. Recommended for the family and close friends.

6. Help and Support

eReflect Software provide support via an online helpdesk, phone, and email.

Feel also free to ask me questions about the software. I’m happy to answer them as best I can.

Do you use Ultimate Typing 2015 Cloud? Share your experiences or even performance tracks in the comment section!

Photo Credit: eReflect Software

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