Iris Reading Review – Is It Worth It?

Iris Reading – Online and In-Person Classes to Read Faster

Iris Reading is an excellent program for those looking to increase their reading speed, improve memory, and boost productivity. It is designed for professionals and high school students, enabling them to get the best out of the online and live courses with minimum time and effort. We review them here.

The modules are categorized for beginners and advanced readers with video lessons and free self-development eBooks, webinars and more.

Iris Reading claims to be “the largest and most trusted provider of speed reading training. Iris Reading courses have been taught to thousands of students and professionals worldwide.

Iris Reading ClassesPriceWebsiteSummary
All Iris Courses (Bundle)$199View Courses30% Off Bundle Deal.
Foundation Coursefrom $50View CourseFor beginners. Based on live class. 5 hours.
Speed Reading Masteryfrom $50View CourseIntermediates.
7 hours.
Comprehension & Memoryfrom $50View CourseAdvanced memory course. 8 hours.
Live Classes | In-Person$199View CitiesAvailable in the US, Canada, Europe.

Please note: Prices may vary.

Iris Reading 2024 – Overview

Iris Reading offers courses that have a minimum set number of video tutorials. They are given online and depending on what course you choose, there are also extras to help you become better at whatever skill you choose to improve. Click to browse all courses.

Iris Reading Foundation Course

image of Iris Reading Foundation Course

The Iris Foundation Course (view course website) is suitable for beginners and designed for individuals who simply want to increase their reading speed but do not have ample time to go through too much reading material.

The class includes some of the best and most simple techniques to not only help you increase your reading speed but also enhance your overall comprehension. This class includes 3 hours of video lessons, a free 121 page eBook and a resource guide with plenty of additional techniques to use.

Rating: ★★★★★★☆
Price: from $50. Get all 9 courses for $450. Prices may vary.

Iris Speed Reading Mastery

image of Iris Reading Mastery Course

Designed for readers (view course website) who already have a good grasp of reading and comprehension skills, this course aims to increase your skills and take them to the next level.

You will be taught to learn at extremely high speeds with technical material. The lecture is only intended for those who already have an understanding of basic techniques. This Iris Reading tutorial includes 10 video lessons, 3 webinars and free video viewing anytime anywhere.

Rating: ★★★★★★☆
Price: from $50

Advanced Comprehension & Memory

image of Iris Reading Comprehension & Memory course

If you have a problem re-reading text often to understand the meaning, this class is designed for you (view course website). It aims to give comprehension skills that will complement your reading speed.

Without good comprehension skills, you cannot possibly read fast and make meaning out of the text. This Iris Reading course includes 25 video lessons with 8 hours of content and the ability to download and watch videos from anywhere anytime.

Rating: ★★★★★★☆
Price: from $50

Supplementary Iris Reading Tutorials

Iris Reading also offers supplementary courses (visit website) to improve productivity, focus, concentration or note taking skills. These are great for professionals who have already gone through the above three core courses. If you want to know how Iris compares to other speed reading courses, follow the link to read our round-up review.

Personal Productivity

image of Iris Productivity Course

Do you check your emails every 5 minutes or get distracted easily? The underlying cause often refers to a lack of focus, concentration, or motivation, maybe even to a goal that has not been defined very well resulting in unnecessary side activities.

Productivity will cover all these topics and teach students to develop the right strategies that are both effective and goal-orientated. It includes 33 videos to learn how to stop wasting time, avoid procrastination, limit distractions, force decision making or improve sleep and nutrition. As a bonus, you will get 3 webinars. Certification will be issued upon completion. Suitable or busy students and professionals. It is compatible with mobile devices.

Price: $50. Get all core and supplementary courses for $550 (prices may vary).

Mind Mapping

image of Iris Mind Mapping Course

If you are interested in how to best take notes when going through your reading material you might have heard about mind mapping. This method is a very effective way to outline information visually and is suitable for brainstorming and project management tasks as well.

In this Iris Reading tutorial, you will learn the essentials to create mind maps for any of your goals and objects. Expert Joseph Rodrigues will be your instructor. There are 15 video tutorials in total. Exercises include applying mind maps to task lists, articles, meetings, writing, problem-solving or studying.

Price: $50.

Remembering Names

image of Iris Remember Names Course

In this quick 90-minute course you will learn how to remember names effectively and have them ready when you actually need them.

This skill is important when it comes to improving business communication and relationships but also to making friends in new work environments. Know the names of the people around you and it will be highly appreciated. You will get lifetime access and all future updates to it as a bonus.

Price: $50.

Talk to Everyone – Career Tips

image of Iris Reading Supplementary Courses

We all know it can be awkward to talk in front of people, groups or in a situation that is new to us. On the other side, good communication skills are expected and most of us think they have it in general. Is that true?

Those who have taken a communication course may confirm that there is a lot more to just doing small talk. It is also about being able to listen, communicate ideas, and accept people with different opinions. This Iris Reading video class will help improve networking and social skills and prepare for situations such as interviews or presentations either 1 to 1 or group scenarios.

Price: $50.

Highlights of Iris Speed Reading

  • Video tutorials
  • Tried and tested techniques
  • Experienced instructors
  • Bonus content
  • Free ebooks
  • Resource blog
  • Webinars
  • Live classes
  • Workshops
  • Applications for iPhone and Android Devices

Other Notable Course Features

Expert Instructors – the video lessons are produced and instructed by reading professionals with years of experience in teaching the skills.

Video lessons – Every lesson offered by Iris Reading is compact and presented in high-quality videos that are streamable and downloadable.

Bonuses – Every lesson gives you tons of extra content to help you increase your skills. These are in the form of eBooks, webinars and free training resources.

Free Mobile Apps – Iris Reading has created some of the best speed reading apps for iPhone and Android mobile phones. These apps let you import any kind of text to help you learn speed reading by flashing text. Apps are also available to help you increase your focus when reading.

Iris Speed Reading: The Pros and Cons


  • Extremely effective courses
  • Excellent course structure
  • Tons of video lessons
  • Hours of unique video content
  • Free ebooks and webinars
  • HQ videos
  • Stream any time
  • Download videos
  • Skill specific classes
  • Excellent Mobile Apps
  • Online blog with free tips and techniques


  • Each course is designed to improve a single skill
  • Slightly expensive for the number of lessons offered
  • Some video lessons are not downloadable
  • Videos require high bandwidth

Iris Reading Review – Verdict

Iris Reading (view course website) offers an excellent resource to help improve your literacy skills. The best and also the worst thing about Iris is that each course is only designed to help you improve a single skill. This enables the instructors to focus on the task at hand so that you can learn the skill you want to at an accelerated pace. Unfortunately, this also means that if you want to learn two skills, for instance, you want to increase comprehension and reading skills, you will have to buy two classes.

We love the fact that Iris Reading has unleashed mobile apps for its users. These applications include tons of lessons and drills to help improve your reading skills. However, the real lessons are only available through their online courses.

Our only concern is that there is no interactivity included in the lessons. This means that you may have to go and design your own miniature courses during the video tutorials so you can effectively learn. The video lessons themselves can easily be overwhelming with the amount of content they present for beginners. It is best to start with a beginner-level course if you don’t know where you stand. This will also enable you to get used to how the instructions and courses are laid out.

Attending a class in person – On the other side, if you happen to be in one of the many U.S. cities (New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, L.A.) that offers a live class, you can take all the advantages of an interactive lesson, ask questions and meet like-minded people. This way you will get the best of both worlds.

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  1. Iris Reading is so worth it. I took two local classes in my city but since I’m a slow reader I was having a hard time keeping up with the class because they were going quite fast. Well, I kept practicing afterwards and thanks to that now I’m able to read at a much faster pace and am having an easier time remembering everything :)

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