Best Speed Reading Apps 2024

The 10 best speed reading apps to boost reading skills

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How much time do you regularly take going through long articles or your favorite book? There is probably a queue of books, articles, or novels that you would have tackled if you had more than 24 hours in a day!

Machine-assisted reading apps offer an efficient solution for people who love to read digital content. This article suggests 9 best speed reading apps for iOS, Android, desktops, and browsers to help you process content quickly and learn accelerated reading techniques.

1. Spreeder

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Spreeder VIP (visit website) has been rated by users as one of the best e-Reader apps. It is particularly suitable for those who wish to speed read entire eBooks and digital documents but also improve their comprehension, pace, and vocabulary.

A great value is the training modules, which will teach you how to improve reading speed on digital devices. Designed by eReflect, it is compatible with all systems and runs on both desktop and mobile devices.

Training – Spreeder helps reduce inefficient reading habits such as regression, restless eye fixations, or subvocalization. Various training modules, videos or expert exercises are available to teach you how to overcome them. As a result, users will see improvements in their overall productivity, save time, and comprehend the content more effectively.

Reading Modes – It’s easy to adjust the app to your needs, e.g., set different font sizes, speeds, or color schemes. You can choose from the four reading modes Serial, Highlight, Flow and Scroll to highlight or display content in a way that fits a specific reading need.

Features – The speed reading app lets you read large amounts of electronic content in various ways. You can upload your own content, read any web content or browse a library of thousands of eBook titles. It accepts all formats and document types. Another highlight is a built-in vocabulary builder with over 600 word lists. You can also create your own lists and practice with them.

Multiple Users – One license allows you to access Spreeder on as many devices as you want. You may create separate accounts for up to 5 users to let colleagues, friends, and family enjoy it as well. Combined with the multi-cross platform availability, this increases the app’s overall good price value.

Cloud technology – One benefit is that all your results and activities will be automatically synchronized between your devices. Customers will also get updates to the latest technology and feature upgrades.

Verdict – Getting rid of bad reading habits and increasing your digital reading speed are Spreeder’s two core goals. The combination of educational expert classes and the latest RSVP technology is a very effective strategy to help users process digital content faster, be it for reading pleasure, or boost general work performance. It’s certainly one of the best speed reading apps on the market.

Info: Visit website. From $9. Try the app for 7 days for free.
Rating: ★★★★★★
Availability: Desktop, Browser, Mobile
Bonus: Includes free premium software to increase productivity.

2. AceReader Cloud

AceReader Cloud is a popular speed reading app that is based on the award-winning AceReader program. It will help students further enhance their digital reading and content comprehension skills.

The Cloud edition comes with a lot of possibilities that all aim at one goal: to boost your speed while also teaching you to retain more information, hence, making you more productive when processing digital content.

The design, features, and programming of this app refer to a variety of technologies.

RSVP Reading Technology – With Rapid Serial Visual Presentation you can highlight certain parts of the text and work on your learning goals by adjusting the app’s settings.

Tachistoscopic Scroll Presentation – This feature encourages you to train your eyes to move at a certain speed by presenting the text in a specific way.

Reading modes – There is a training and a reading mode. The first one focuses on the training part for you to reach your goals. It includes drills, games, and numerous engaging exercises.

The second mode refers to the enhancement of your reading skills. This app offers a set of personalized options such as uploading your own texts to engage you even further.

Verdict – AceReader is an app that can take your reading skills to the next level. The fact alone that it is eligible for mobile use makes it a strong candidate for teaching you how to read faster and go through any digital content more effectively.

Price: from $39/year.
Rating: ★★★★★☆
Availability: iPad, iPhone, Browser

3. Speed Reader for Android

image of SpeedReader App for android

Speed Reader is an eBook book reader app on Android. One of the best features is the RSVP mode allowing you to go through books at a maximum speed of 750 (free) or 1,250 words per minute (premium).

This way readers can process big chunks of information quite fast and thus save a lot of time before deciding to go into more detail.

Features & Highlights
One of the more notable things to highlight is the availability to read the material in RSVP mode in other apps. Think of Pocket, Zite, Feedly or ColorNote. It works in many other reader apps too. Furthermore, if you are not fully comfortable reading at higher speeds you can first use one of the built-in drills to practice essential skills. This makes the app more valuable than pure text highlighting apps.

Premium Features – However, don’t get too excited as some of the features do not come for free or are limited in their performance. If you wish to upload your own eBook in .txt or ePub format you will be required to go premium. On the other side, if you don’t mind being limited to the 750 wpm RSVP mode in the free version, I think this will serve you well to enjoy digital reading at faster speeds.

Verdict – A neat and well-organized speed reading app for Android to develop the right skills and read eBooks at faster speeds. There are tutorials and game drills available. The premium version will further expand on the features available in the free version.

Price: Free download. In-app purchases from $2.99.
Rating: ★★★★★☆
Availability: Android (view store)
Playstore Alternatives: Reading Trainer, Reedy, Spritz Fast Reading

4. ReadQuick App

image of ReadQuick Speed Reading App for iOS

Apps make use of various techniques like meta-guiding, rapid serial visual presentation or display words in rapid succession so that your reading speed can increase massively.

One of the best speed reading apps is ReadQuick which is designed for iOS. It helps you to read through e-books, articles and blogs in a faster way.

Excellent Integration
This app offers direct integration with Instapaper and Pocket making it easier to go through your entire reading list. You may also simply use your preferred browser to navigate to any page of your choice and then read articles with ReadQuick. Alternatively, you can choose to go through articles using services such as Longreads, Macworld, TechMeme and Talking Points Memo.

Reading Lists and Statistics
In an ideal world, ReadQuick helps make time for all the reading that has been pending on your “to-do” list for a long time. It may also aid in increasing your comprehension as well as the ability to grasp more in less time. One feature is to track the number of words and articles that you have read and provide you with helpful statistics to optimize app use and reading speed. ReadQuick will also analyze each article and tell you the approximate time it requires to complete an article.

Price: Download for $9.99. View store.
Rating: ★★★★★☆
Availability: iPhone, iPad, Mac

5. ReadMe! App

image of ReadMe! Speed Reading App for iOS, Android

This speed reading app stands out from other apps due to the integration of Spritz technology. It will show the user one or more words at a time by presenting an optical recognition point which is highlighted in red. This way your eyes should keep their focus on the highlighted word and not skip away. This technique makes it easier to read at high-speed without requiring any more training.

This app is available for iPhone and Android devices. Key features and highlights:

  • Provides control over reading speed
  • Renewal subscription is offered on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Monthly charges of $0.99 per month are being currently offered.
  • Pay via an Apple account or Google Play Account
  • Add books to one device and it will show up on your other devices
  • An E-PUB Reader which supports rich formats and high quality pictures on your device

Some users have mentioned that offline availability is limited and sometimes they faced issues in making use of this feature at all. There are also reports that changing the reading speed caused the app to freeze or close. Most users are, however, satisfied with ReadMe! and can recommend it.

Price: $1.99. View store.
Rating: ★★★★☆☆
Availability: Android, iPhone

6. Reedy. Intelligent Reader App for Android

Image of Reedy Speed Reading App for Android

Reedy is a speed reading app developed as an extension for Google Chrome but is also available for Android in Playstore, Based on RSVP technology it will highlight words in fast sequences allowing users to read web content, eBooks or PDFs up to three times faster.

The app allows speeds of up to 2,000 wpm which can be adjusted depending on reading purpose. Three reading modes are available: regular, fast reading and text-to-speech voice reading.

Smart Slowing will slightly reduce speed towards the end of a sentence or punctuation. Reedy also allows inserting custom content and offers offline functionality. The in-book search functionality is great finding specific content quickly. Bookmarks can be set.

To improve comprehension the focus point is set to the beginning of each word displayed. A dark theme mode might prove to be more effective for some readers and can be activated. There are also settings for font-size and reading area.

Using Reedy
Reedy can be used by sharing a link from Pocket reader. You can also select the text on your phone or browser and then use ‘ALT + S’ to launch the reading mode. Alternatively, use a right-click to open the contextual menu to start it. Other handy shortcuts include Up/Down to change speed or +/- to increase the font size during a read.

Reedy is free to download but offers in-app purchases from $0.99 to activate premium features and options. Supported formats: epub, fb2, html, txt and zip-archives.

Price: Free download. $0.99 for in-app products.
Rating: ★★★★★☆
Availability: Android, Chrome extension. (View store).

7. QuickReader App

image of QuickReader Speed Reading App for iOS

Here is another app claiming to give you effective “super reading eyes”. QuickReader works for both iPhone and iPad user and requires iOS 8.0 or later to function properly. This app is packed with all the features you expect to be included in a speed reading app and is less expensive than the solutions mentioned above. One highlight is getting access to a library of more than 2 million e-books.

Touch-free Reading
This is something that caught my eye: QuickReader offers you touch-free reading with speeds from 10 to up to 4,000 words per minute. This will help overcome the hassle of turning pages at a pre-set speed.

Enhance Reading Speed Effectively
One interesting tool is the “time-tested” technique which can help increase your reading speed steadily. Finish your books two or even three times faster.

Highly Customizable Experience
The interface is highly customizable and you can choose the color, size and orientation of the text according to your own choice. There are various designer color schemes that you can activate within the library.

Things to consider?
A few users mentioned they are experiencing difficulties while using this app in combination with a PDF reader, as some words get changed into words that cannot be comprehended easily.

Price: QuickReader can be downloaded at the price of $4.99 which sounds competitive compared to other apps on the market. It comes in various languages including English, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Greek and many more.

Store: View in store.
Rating: ★★★★☆☆
Availability: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

8. Outread App

image of Outread Speed Reading App for iOS

Outread is a speed reading app to help build your reading ability and enhance comprehension using a rather minimalistic approach. It claims to make your life easier by skipping unneeded gimmicks and focusing on techniques that enable you to read faster than with any other app.

Outread works for iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 7.0 or later. Some of the key features and highlights of this app are given below:

  • Assistance in reducing sub-vocalization
  • Offers guided reading technique
  • Very simple to use and configure
  • Synchronization with Instapaper, Pocket and E-reader
  • Feature to save articles and books and use them for later
  • Reading speed can be adjusted, and so can be the high-lighter size and color
  • Choose them for night and day mode
  • Add web pages or articles from Safari through the bookmark option
  • Track your progress over time, get accurate statistics for analyzing your performance
  • outRead can be downloaded for iTunes at the price of $2.99

Although most of the users were satisfied with the performance of Outread, there were a few ones who claimed that it does not allow them to save web pages or articles to third-party apps from a particular share sheet. However, considering the very low price, this app is particularly interesting to those with a limited budget or if you want to give a random app a try to see how the technology works in general.

Price: $2.99. View store.
Rating: ★★★★☆☆
Availability: iOS

9. The Speed Reading App, Android

image of Android Speed Reading App Trainer

Speed Reading is available for Android devices and allows users to develop their reading speed effortlessly.

It offers a selection of courses to practice different skills. Various ‘simulators’ are available (Schulte Table, memory simulators or attention tools) to help you achieve these goals. The initial download is free but upgrades will be necessary to use all its features.

There are three sections available to practice your skills: Reading, Training and Motivators. Furthermore, a library allows you to read entire books in fb2, ePub, .txt formats, e.g. The Fellowship of the Ring. The above-mentioned simulators allow you to train specific skills to either remember words or numbers, to expand your eye vision or to recognize objects faster.

Like other apps on the market as well, the Speed Reading app for Android will help to save time when reading, identify relevant text passages reliably, improve memory and vocabulary skills and last but not least develop your thinking and problem-solving skills.

One of the few Android speed reading apps available that actually teach you better reading skills. The app, however, doesn’t come for free and it will cost you a few bucks or Euros for each item you wish to unlock. If you don’t mind using a browser or desktop app you may want to consider alternatives such as Spreeder which offers more features and tools.

Price: Free. Google Play. In-app purchases are required to use premium features.
Rating: ★★★★☆☆
Availability: Android (view store)

Summary and Verdict

The speed reading apps mentioned above can be either downloaded from a company’s website, iTunes, or Google Playstore. However, it is recommended to consider your need for education and the frequency of usage and then decide if a certain app is worth the money you are paying for.

Recommendation: For users who actually want to improve their reading skills and comprehension Spreeder (visit website) and 7SR are both excellent choices. Acceleread or QuickReader are also good options, with amazing features and are reasonably priced.

They offer an attractive combination of features, technical specifications, the capability to learn or improve a skill, and a smooth interface that I personally require from a speed reading app.

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  1. Sheila Maudsley says:

    Can these help with student work for exams?

    1. Speed reading apps will help process digital material faster. Yes. For exams, I can see the benefits particularly in previewing material. The right app should let you add/import content from any source and in any file format.

  2. Please state in your title that the apps are mainly for IOS. A waste of time for an Android user.

    1. Ken Bartels says:

      Thanks for your feedback Adew, you are right. I have specified the subheadline as some of the apps also work on desktops and browsers and independent from the operating system. I will provide a list of Android apps soon.

  3. Some of these apps really helped with my restless eye fixations. This was my major downfall in my reading speed. My eyes would stop and get caught up on the weirdest things causing me slowness and not being about to concentrate on what I’m reading. I’m getting better daily and I’ve increased my speed.

  4. My wife hinted I should be one of those guys that read in the subway so I don’t stare in my phone that much so yeah, she was disappointed when she found out I don’t read that fast – she goes through books like Flash haha. The thing is, now I’m kinda annoyed as I want to improve my speed but I’ve installed some useful apps that prove to be of no help. I’ll start with the free one or the apps that have a trial period and then work my way up though I have to admit Spreeder CX sounds cool.

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