What is the Best Vocabulary Software?

The best vocabulary software to improve communication skills

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Finding a good vocabulary program might seem like a daunting task given the many options proposed out there. The following lists four popular vocabulary software tutors with their most interesting highlights, pros and cons.

The main purpose of this type of software is to widen the cornucopia of words at your disposal in both written and spoken situations. Such skills are also vital to secure higher scores in SAT, GMTA, and GRE tests, for example.

1. Wordela Vocabulary Software

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Wordela (visit website) provides scientifically proven approaches to learning new words. Effective learning through immersion using AI, word lists, exercises, games, and progress tracking is asserted.

The software is cloud-based and has been developed by eReflect. It is aimed towards students, adult learning and all those with a general interest in increasing vocabulary. One license allows you to create up to five user accounts and install Wordela on as many devices as you want.

Wordela Vocabulary Software goes beyond just giving definitions as it comes with up to 50 examples, applications, and descriptions of the word. This is a good feature that helps with the immersion of a particular term.

Their database includes over 142,902 words, making it the software with the largest word database. This program practically covers most of the words that a person might need to use. The app also provides access to the Linguistic Corpus feature with more than 520 million words in context.

It features four games that provide learning experiences in a rather fun way. Research has proven that gamification helps retain information more effectively than a repetitive process and that it helps better cement concepts.

Learners have access to professional word lists curated by language experts. Students also have the option of grouping words into lists of their own. Where Wordela is at its best, is the AI AutoLearn technology. AutoLearn tracks a student’s understanding of a specific word and adjusts the right amount of exposure to these words.

Word Messenger is a customizable feature that, once installed on your device, will occasionally display reminders of words you have learned on your screen. Studies reveal that this is an effective way of learning new terms through spaced repetition.

Other features include:

  • AI AutoLearn feature to automate the learning process.
  • Cloud storage. Access anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Runs on all platforms. Synchronization between devices.
  • Social interaction through Facebook.
  • Tracking of own progress.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Modern, easy-to-use interface.
  • Customer service over the phone and email.

The downsides of the software would be:

  • Some glitches in the audio pronunciations.
  • The very extensive citations include some redundant or useless applications.
  • Offline access is limited.

Price: $9/month. Visit website. Try free.
Homeschool version: parent-student accounts. from $67. Visit website

Wordela Vocabulary Software (Wordela) offers a thorough and extensive study of words. You can easily practice using different methods and tools. It’s available from any computer with internet access and syncs between your machines. This makes it pretty versatile and complete. Price-value is very good compared to other products.

2. WordSmart Excellence

WordSmart Excellence Adult ensures a strong vocabulary

With a database of 20,000 words, WordSmart Adult ensures a strong vocabulary with a rather rigid system of repetition. Games and evaluations are designed to make strong and frequent repetitions of words which might be overwhelming to some but have good results in learning.

This vocabulary software tutor consists of a series of CD-ROMs which are sent to you based on current skills. Developed by WordSmart Educational Technology, the software is based on the works of Johnson O´Connor. If you are a student who wants to increase their SAT score, this program is for you.

The program contains five different sections to enhance repetition: multiple-choice, columns, spelling, flashcards, and word shark. These sections follow the same pattern of repetition which will be thrilling for those who learn by repeating many times.

Within the package, you will find a WordSmart Challenge CD-ROM. This contains an interactive test that evaluates your progress.

A section of flashcards will allow you to practice vocabulary before taking an evaluation. Flashcards are a system utilized in many learning settings as they are practical and effective in learning.

WordSmart Adult uses a varied system for learning new words. You will find that the program includes, besides the definition of a word, a set of synonyms, antonyms, and usage in sentences.

Other features:

  • Each CD has 5,000+ words.
  • Speed Reading Exercises.
  • Audio discussion.
  • Software determines where to start your education.
  • Support via email and phone.

Some downfalls:

  • Since the format is on CD-ROMs, the program cannot be updated.
  • Only two games are included in the software.

The structure of learning in WordSmart Excellence is very well designed and uses scientifically proven methods of repetition.

3. Verbal Advantage

Verbal Advantage has been around for over 30 years

Verbal Advantage has been around for over 30 years; it was founded by Phil Bonell in 1983. Even though the system is aimed at professionals wanting to hone their speech, there is a special program designed for high school students as well. Student learning is achieved through 10- to 15-minute daily sessions that help improve lexicon.

With a database of 3,500 words, the Verbal Advantage vocabulary software uses techniques of repetition and practice to cement the acquisition of new terms. Listening to words being pronounced in an audible format assures good pronunciation.

The software is packed in 24 CDs. Content can also be downloaded onto MP3 players, offering a great advantage by enabling learning while on the go.

Verbal Advantage Student Edition offers vocabulary software for high school students. This program is great for those who plan to attend college and want to improve their grades.

Learners are guaranteed a fluent usage of vocabulary through the application of effective learning techniques. One disc contains one hour of audio.

Since the database comprises only 3,500 words (small in comparison to other vocabulary software), it is ensured that the words being used are practical and used in everyday conversations.

Some other features are:

  • Experience in vocabulary learning.
  • Hearing instead of just reading guarantees better learning.
  • Guide books.
  • Audio quizzes.

Some disadvantages:

  • Preparing high school students is in a separate program.
  • Limited database of words

4. Overnight Vocabulary Software

Overnight Vocabulary contains a database of 300 words

Overnight Vocabulary software contains a database of 300 words. The focus of the company is quality over quantity and is specifically aimed toward adult learners to help them acquire an impressive vocabulary.

A small word count in the database can be used to one’s advantage. The effectiveness of the program lies in the fact that it does not waste the learner’s time on superfluous words.

Lessons can be downloaded onto MP3 players or audio discs. A link to all the downloadable content (seven hours of audio) is provided after the purchase.

Through daily 15-minute sessions, the program provides effective vocabulary enrichment. To ensure this, it uses techniques to help you apply the new words in your next conversation.

Since the content is downloadable to MP3, it can be accessed through any device supporting the format. Convenience is a big selling point here as learning can take place while performing other activities.

The Overnight Vocabulary builder includes a 150-page PDF document to supplement the audio. This material is used to evaluate your progress and complete assessments.

Other interesting features include:

  • Words are all useful for every day.
  • Content can be burned onto CDs.
  • Good customer service.
  • It comes with seven CDs that can be downloaded onto mp3.
  • Results from day one.

Some disadvantages found are:

  • There is no option to add vocabulary words.
  • No flashcards.

Overnight Vocabulary software proves itself effective in learning terms that are guaranteed to be used in daily conversations. You will certainly find that your conversational skills are enhanced by words that better express a particular thought.

Best Vocabulary Software: The Verdict

All the programs offer a series of techniques that enable an improved vocabulary. Preference for a program will depend on your particular requirements and learning skills. Some people will learn better by reading new words, while others might learn more effectively by listening to new terms and their applications through audio.

Our recommendation is to define your particular needs and preferred learning methods before deciding on which is the best option for you. We find Wordela Vocabulary Software (visit website) to be a very comprehensive program since it includes the largest word database, as well as audio and reading and customizable content. Before choosing it, remember that it’s cloud-based and requires an internet connection.

WordSmart on the other side is recommended for students preparing for SAT or ACT exams.

What do you think is the best vocabulary software in 2024? Share your recommendations in the comments below. If you have questions about features, please drop us a line.

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Further resources: Thesaurus | Vocabulary.com

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  1. Patricia Corrieri says:

    Can you tell me which is the website or link to buy WordSmart?

    1. Hi Patricia, WordSmart seems to have moved its domain or ended business. I cannot locate it either atm. I’ll investigate.

  2. #1 and #3 are my favorite software! Love the audio with it because I seem to learn better this way instead of just reading everything. It really has helped my vocabulary and I feel knowledgeable.

  3. I need a decent vocabulary software for my SAT next year and some friends recommended the first two programs. Since there’s a considerably difference between the two, regarding both price and number of words, I think I’ll go with the first one and upgrade if necessary. The only downside I can think of right now would be the fact that it doesn’t support offline learning as well but I’ll have to make it work. Do you happen to know if they have a refund policy?

    1. They indeed have a refund policy, 12 months. In regards to offline access: Vocab1 is software designed and optimized for laptop and desktop computers. While I often used it in cafes with free WiFi I found myself using it a lot more at home at my desk. For simply practicing offline, you may want to try one of the free flashcard apps available for tablets and smartphones. It’s a useful addition.

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