Rev It Up Reading Review

Rev it Up Reading – Learn to read fast with Abby Marks Beale

Online courses to learn to read faster have become a popular way to improve reading skills be it for career or private reasons. In this post, we review Rev It Up Reading (desktop/tablet) and show you features, pros and cons.

Rev It Up Reading 3.0 (view course website) is an online subscription speed reading course. The course is a combination of tutorial classes and timed exercises that train you to read faster, increasing comprehension and having a higher retention rate.

Nine Modules comprise the heart of Rev It Up and they build on each in the difficulty of the reading speed and comprehension tests. In addition to the exercises, the class also teaches how to manage your reading lists and how to read just the essential parts of readings to get the idea of the author.

Abby Marks Beale is the author and producer of Rev It Up Reading. She has over 25 years in reading development and is the author of two books about speed reading.

Rev It Up ReadingPriceRatingSummary
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★★★★★9 class modules. 5 hours content. iPad, tablet ready
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Rev It Up Reading – Highlights

  • Progressive modular training that builds in the difficulty of reading speed and tests. This ensures the student is always challenged.
  • Easy and intuitive for the student to use. The quickest way to master the material is to follow the modules. Quick access to the teacher is available via an e-mail button in the class.
  • Follow-up emails after completion help keep your new reading skills strong.
  • A PDF book authored by the instructor is included with each subscription.
  • 100% money-back guarantee that extends past its completion.

Rev It Up Reading – 9 Modules

9 modules will build on each other to lead you to faster reading speeds (view courses).

Module 1 deals with the basic concepts of speed reading and how Rev It Up Reading works. There is a diagnostic reading test for assessing your current speed and comprehension.

Module 2 strengthens your peripheral vision and teaches you how to beat the re-reading habit. Using the “white card method”, the computer blocks out the text you have already read. This module also teaches you to focus and concentrate so you retain more of the reading.

Module 3 addresses the “subvocalization habit. Speaking the words to yourself as you read slows you down and makes you read each word. One of the keys to speed reading is to see blocks of words. You are also taught to search out keywords in the text, reading only the important words in the text.

Module 4 concentrates on improving your peripheral vision even more and reading groups or words as thought phrases.

Module 5 addresses reading comprehension. Here you learn that initially, you might actually lose some comprehension when you first start to learn speed reading. This is quickly regained and then improved as your skill increases. This module also introduces using your fingers to help you read. The first technique is the “Pull down center”, pulling your finger straight down the center of the page to keep your eyes moving with it. The other technique is the “Two finger pull”. Here you place two fingers on either side of the page and pull them down the page.

Module 6 will continue the “pull-down” techniques, emphasizing the left and right side pull, where you pull the finger down on either side of the page and skim each paragraph. You’ll also learn the 2/3 underline technique and use your finger to underline the middle 2/3 of each sentence.

Module 7 gives you ideas on how to manage and reduce your reading load.

Module 8 explains how to skim-read non-fiction, getting the idea of the author’s structure of the text and getting the important ideas out of it.

Module 9 is a review of all the steps and techniques and provides strategies to keep the skills active in your mind.

Module Features

Progress tracking
The course has been updated with lots of new features and design changes. The most important ones include timed exercises, a more visual design, advanced tracking and progress charts, and last but not least full support for iPad and Android tablets. All materials are available without the need to print them.

Easy to use, easy to progress
Rev It Up Reading modules are designed to be completed in 30 to 45 minutes per module. The entire class can be completed with just 7 hours of training. Plus, whether you are at home, school, or work you can access the program wherever there is internet capability.

Questions are quickly answered
There is an e-mail button in the user interface. Should you have a question you can e-mail it to the author and she will respond within 48 hours of receiving it.

Continued follow up after the course ends
You will receive follow-up e-mails for 8 weeks after the course. They will each highlight specific aspects of the class. These reminders will help strengthen your new skills.

Free PDF book
Beale wrote a book before producing Rev It Up called “10 Days to Faster Reading”. Highly rated on, it covers all of the same topics. This book is packaged with the course as a PDF file and is yours to keep for free. The book is also available from the user interface toolbar while you are studying and it is automatically correlated to your location in the class.

100% money-back guarantee
Should it not meet your expectations there is a 100% money-back guarantee that extends 15 days after your subscription expires. That is extremely generous and is a testament to how much confidence the producers have in their program.

Rev It Up Reading – The Pros and Cons


  • Automatic progress charts and accessibility on iPad and tablets
  • Online accessibility allows for access wherever there is internet capability. Scores and progress are automatically saved so you can stop and return to it without losing your place.
  • Modular program that is easy to follow and requires only a total of 7 hours of study.
  • Easy access to the author and instructor with timely responses.
  • Follow up e-mails solidify the concepts after completion.
  • Free PDF book that covers the same principles as the course. A good reference to keep your skills polished.


  • Rev It Up is pricier compared to other products on the market. While it is not the most expensive it’s not the cheapest either.
  • While internet accessibility is convenient it can also be a detriment when there is no internet capability.

Rev It Up Reading Review – The Verdict

Rev It Up Reading (view course website) will help you achieve faster reading speeds with better comprehension. The class is well structured and by adding the latest features such as iPad/tablet support, timed exercises and automatic progress tracking it has become a very competitive player in the market.

Previous users have rated it very highly and various other review sites have rated it the number one course to improve reading skills. If you are interested in taking web-based classes it might easily make it on your final list.

Have you tried or completed Rev It Up Reading? Please leave a comment below.