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Spreeder e-Reader – Read eBooks, Take An Expert Course

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Spreeder is a well-known e-reader and speed reading program for desktops and mobile devices that allows you to effectively read entire eBooks and digital documents but also trains people to increase their speed and comprehension with a built-in expert course.

Whether it’s to save time, be more productive in work, or learn faster, it can help users increase their reading speed by 3x their normal rate.

Spreeder now includes all the features of 7 Speed Reading since both have been merged to create an all-in-one speed reading solution. Read our Spreeder review to see if this would be the ideal solution to process digital reading more efficiently.

Spreeder VIP – What is it?

Spreeder (visit website) has been designed by leading experts and professionals to make it as easy as possible for people to optimize their reading speeds. People can literally power through reading in a fraction of the time it would normally take, becoming smarter and saving time in the process.

Spreeder uses the latest advances in RSVP technology (rapid serial visual presentation) to help rapidly increase users’ productivity. It also offers expert online course teaching strategies and proven techniques.

Visit Websitefrom $9★★★★★RSVP reading software. Read eBooks on iPads, iPhones, and desktops.

Spreeder Top Highlights

  • Coaching by the world’s leading speed readers
  • Specialized Cloud Library with more than 20,000 eBooks
  • Step-by-step video lessons on various topics
  • Detailed reports, progress charts and analytics
  • Unlimited desktop installations, iPad, and iPhone app included
  • Synchronization between all platforms, browsers and apps
  • Visit website to explore all features and exclusive bonuses.

5 User AccountsSpreeder is also a great value compared with other training techniques such as college courses and workshops. Besides, it is possible to have up to five accounts per subscription at no extra cost. So the whole family can experience Spreeder and improve their reading together.

Spreeder has been listed as one of the best speed reading apps due to its combination of an RSVP reader and an expert course. Compare here.

Spreeder – Goals and Benefits

Sub-vocalization – The average reading speed is 200-250 wpm which is about as fast as most people can read out loud. Even when reading to themselves people use their inner voice to set the pace. Similar to other popular speed reading software, Spreeder focuses on eliminating this so-called sub-vocalization and with a steady training schedule, it is possible to read much faster by essentially silencing the inner voice. It works by training users to absorb reading material faster than the inner voice can keep up with.

Text Highlighter – Users load text into the Spreeder software, and it will flash up at a predefined speed (usually 300 wpm to begin with) that can be increased as reading speed improves. At first, it might only be possible to absorb a few words. In fact, users will struggle to keep up with the text flashing by.

Challenge – That is actually the basic concept behind Spreeder. By constantly reading passages of text at a rate faster than users can keep up with, they will push their abilities to the limit of what they are capable of achieving. Afterward, users will find that when they drop down to lower speeds, they’ll be able to pick up much more information than they would have thought possible.

Spreeder Review – VIP Main Features

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The Spreeder e-Reader”

Spreeder is really clear and easy to use. It is fully customizable and can be adjusted to any reading style with all personalized settings saved in a cloud account. There are four different reading modes and users can also scroll through text manually. In addition, users can create their own keyboard shortcuts to speed up app navigation.

Coaching by the world’s best speed readers

Spreeder training courses are created by a world-leading team of experts who have written best-selling books and who help train Fortune 100 companies on speed reading. The Spreeder experts will also guide users to faster reading, step-by-step through a series of video lessons.

The Spreeder Cloud

Users can add anything to their Spreeder cloud library and speed read on the go. Spreeder will also remember the last position in every book, web page and document that a user is reading. It is really easy to import web pages, eBooks and documents. Spreeder VIP even has 20,000 included ebooks for users to read for free.

Tracking and analysis

The personalized dashboard featured on Speeder Pro will provide users with detailed reports about the time spent reading, the users reading speed and how things change over time. Furthermore, Speeder can help users set themselves speed reading goals through their Smart Goals feature.

Spreeder is available on multiple platforms

Users get unlimited installations on all of their platforms and devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome machines. It is possible to start reading on one computer and continue right where you left off on the next.

Additionally, users can download the Spreeder iPad and iPhone App from the App Store and practice their reading on the go. Users can share texts and books with friends, read in groups, and even share successes on social media.

Both, the iPad and iPhone app come for free with any VIP license, which adds to already good price value considering that apps usually cost extra and often are scaled-down versions of the desktop edition.

The Spreeder Expert Team

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The Spreeder courses have been designed by a team of some of the best fast reading experts in the world. Experts include:

Kathleen Hawkins is a speed reading strategist and the author of Speed Reading Made Easy.

Abby Marks Beale has 25 years of experience as one of America’s leading speed reading experts.

Sean M. Kelly is a mental performance expert and has featured in the top 10 at the World Memory Championships.

Tina Konstant is respected worldwide as a speed reading author and coach, she has published 8 books on speed reading.

Kris Madden is a leading speed reading researcher and has written books and academic articles about speed reading methods.

Marie Jager has over 35 years of experience as an occupational therapist. She specializes in ergonomics, focusing on eye movements, reading and working.

Spreeder Review – Verdict and Conclusions

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For people who want to increase their reading speed, Spreeder would be a very good place to start. The free version is a very useful tool to get a taste of what speed reading is all about but if you want to take yourself to the next level it would be advisable to upgrade to Spreeder (visit website).

With the extra features such as expert advice, cloud storage and personalized analytics, not to mention the fact that it can be used on multiple platforms. Upgrading to Spreeder VIP makes sense for those who seriously want to increase their reading speeds.

What is your opinion? What else could be added to this Spreeder review? Please share your experience with Spreeder in the comments below.

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